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SPAMLESS Palette Viewing

Created May 11, 2020

SPAMLESS Palette Viewing











This is a place to view and enjoy palettes made just by Colourlovers without the SPAM palettes. Just make sure to add your palette to the group when creating it (patterns and colors are fine to add as well).

Games: As the forum sometimes get spammed, games are welcome in here as well. You get the benefit of having 2 places to play games that you enjoy.

The group is currently open to all but if SPAM BOTS come in I'll delete them.


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WORDLINKS is one of my favorite Colourlovers games.

WORDLINKS was initially created by Colourlover Liz Crimson
on August 23, 2007. So this game goes way back to the beginnings of Colourlovers. Here are the rules of the game:

With wordlink palettes you start with a two-word (or more) color name. The next color name HAS to start with the last word of the colour before it. Each colour continues this way to the end.

Oh, and they should be colors you find through "search", not just making up your own and giving them names that work. That's too easy.

Remember, the last word has to be the same as the first word
in the next wordlink color.

So here's how it works for those that are new to the game. I'll start with one I've just created.


Dream Cloud
Cloud Sitting
Sitting Room Lime
Lime Lizard
Lizard Skin

So the next person will start with the word: Skin
cover_me_in_daisiesColor by COLOURlovers
Skin Soo Soft
soft serve
Serve Hot In The Can
Can I Never Be Free?
free at last

next: last

Last Train Home
Home Town Hero
Hero In A Dream
Dream Boat
Boat Trip

Next: Trip
desperadoColor by COLOURlovers
trip to india
India Heat
Heat of the Moment
Moments Without You
You May Kiss Me

next: me

Me And You
You Have No Idea
Idea People
People Writing Songs
Songs of Love

Next: Love
a_man_in_solitude.Color by COLOURlovers
Love like a Man
a man's touch
Touch my heart
Heart Of Solitude
Solitude is bliss.

next: bliss

Bliss Bay
Bay Leaf
Leaf Me Be
Be The Same
Same But Different

Next: Different
a_different_driveColor by COLOURlovers

Different You
You Drive Me Wild
Wild Olive
Olive and Kickin'
Kickin' Camel

Next: Camel

Camel Lavender
Lavender Tea
Tea Cup
Cup Cake
Cake Wars

Next: Wars
i'm back :)
steel_suedeColor by COLOURlovers
war nerve
nerves of steel
steel grey
grey suede 2
suede jacket
next: jacket
Aagh. I can't do whatever I need to do now to post a new comment with a pallet I made for the game.
Jacket_FoliageColor by COLOURlovers

Jacket Pink
Pink Panther Clueless
Clueless hatred
Hatred Too Deep
Deep foliage

Next Word: Foliage

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