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Busted Using an image!

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On this page:

> Why upload a copy of image you found on the web?
> How To Find out where an image is hosted
> WHERE TO UPLOAD AN IMAGE? (Here at CL and elsewhere for bigger images)
> Websites that let you hotlink their images

NOTICE: We have had a malware alert blocking access to all pages where a certain hotlinked image was used.


This is useful to know if you have two similar images but don't know which one is used and should not be deleted.

Here are two identical images

How to find out where they really are, where they 'physically' are, on which server's harddrive

Links point to a place. hence simply look at the base-URL of the image in question.

To find out the DIRECT URL of an image , right click ON the image and choose 'open image in new tab', 'copy image URL/location/address' or something similar depending browsers

Try it with these:

URL of left image

URL of right image

We can see that one is hosted here at CL as it says '' and the other says
If one of the pics is deleted, say the one at photobucket, the image on the right will disappear.

Missing, moved or deleted images
Moved, deleted images or using the wrong image URL all give the same result: The image will be missing.

Missing images look like this (some browser may see nothing)

Image hosted at photobucket missing
hosted at photobucket

Image hosted at CL missing (nothing special, shows as any missing image where ever it's hosted)


Palettes created using photocopa will automatically have a copy of the image hosted by CL - please use those
On the palette page, click on the small image - it will lead to a larger version of the same image (example page of an large image hosted by CL)

So a part the image you upload in Photocopa (which means you have to make a palette) , the next biggest I found is using a color or pattern page (or using the basic palette editor but you have to make a palette)


Example of image uploaded to color page
See image here on the right from this page ->
As you can see, the image you upload to a color page are width: 150px and much more for the height

Above is the same for pattern pages and the basic editor

These below require to make a palettes:

>> Image uploaded using COPASO:
palette page
You can see here that with COPASO, height and width have max-size limits - image is tiny!
Images you upload with COPASO are max-width: 85px

>>Image uploaded using PHOTOCOPA:
Here on the left is the preview image of this
palette - click on the image to go to the image page and see it in big
Uploaded image was huge: 2000*2800px it has been resized to 375*367px

NB: Images uploaded to PHOTOCOPA Images must be at least 256 x 256 pixels

For bigger images is a very user friendly service - easy to use:

1) sign in
2) drag and drop the images you want (you have previously saved a copy to your desktop)
3) click on the image you want to use - a copy paste code will appear (choose 2nd option: HTML)


see also :List of Free Image Hosts

PS: My color pages used to host badge images are tagged 'badge image, so I can easily search them - (how do you add tags?)

Websites that let you HOTLINK their image

But remember, it's a risk as they can be removed anytime!

Wikimedia Commons
Tristan Savatier - Photography (click on 'Get code")
more to come...




John McCain Busted for Hotlinking

In 2007, John McCain's Myspace page used hotlinked images without permission.

Since he was running for president, you can just imagine how much bandwidth that used!

The graphics' owner fought back by replacing one with an embarrassing and amusing image.

McCain is lucky. Many people replace hotlinked graphics with something obscene.

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