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Palettes Made for Web Sites

Created Sep 16, 2007

Palettes Made for Web Sites











I'm not sure if there are any web heads like me whose palettes are almost entirely designed in mind as colour schemes for a web site.

Well, I thought I'd create a home for these happy little palettes so if you got some suitable palettes, join in!

Please help me choose a palette for my website...

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I have made 4 palettes for my business website and would love it if people could vote. The palette with the most votes will be the chosen one. My logo is black, white and blue (#2E55D8) which is the first colour in each palette. Thanking you in advance,
Nell. The links are below (I hope).
i say #4 for sure it has the most variety and is softer to look at than the others ;) good luck!
They are all wonderful, but I like this one the most. It is classic.

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