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Palettes Made for Web Sites

Created Sep 16, 2007

Palettes Made for Web Sites











I'm not sure if there are any web heads like me whose palettes are almost entirely designed in mind as colour schemes for a web site.

Well, I thought I'd create a home for these happy little palettes so if you got some suitable palettes, join in!

What's the best color for body text on a website? Gray? Black?

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What's the best color for body text on a website? Not ads or special section, but for the general text? Just curious to see answers. I think it depends on client's perspective - bold or soft etc.

Gray and Black text on white background
White text on black background
I think black on white is hard on the eyes, so I tend to use a dark gray.

White on black is un-copy-pasteable (can I coin that?) It's really annoying when you try to C&P some text into an email for example, and you get a black bg.
definitely a dark grey on white, or even dark grey on light grey.
for example, #222 on #eee, or #333 on white, i use them the most.

those text colors also work great with any light colored background.

i find it easier on the eyes, and improving readability
Keeping readability and accessibility in mind, the ideal range for text color (on a white background) is between #000 and #555 -- with the sweet spot being in the middle (#222 and #333).

Never use white text on a black/dark background. Big usability no-no.
black color text
much eye catching as com pair to gray color.
if we want high light content part special then always use black font .
its also work on other dark and light background rather then gray.
#333 or #777 (more subtle)
I tend to use #444444 for plain text. But, it depends on the font and size.
I like grey, but sometimes it is difficult to read
the size and other formating must be correct

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