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Multiblend: A series of palettes when lined up in order create a loop of colours with a harmonious effect. To learn how to make multiblends look at the two conversations: Example and Posting Multiblends. If you still have questions send me a note. -RBlue85

Buni Blends

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For my first, I started small.

[+] Three Heads

Yamabushi Mon AmourCitraOcean
oh, it's soooo fantastic!!! great job!
[Eyes] bunigrl33

Something more indicative of my actual eye-color:

BuniEye Blend 5BuniEye Blend 1BuniEye Blend 2BuniEye Blend 3BuniEye Blend 4BuniEye Blend 5BuniEye Blend 1BuniEye Blend 2
You have lovely eyes! :^)
I made these palettes a couple weeks ago. They were intended to work together as a multiblend, but I hadn't found this group yet. So, here they are as they were meant to be.
Window frame 1Window frame 2Window frame 3Window frame 4

Window frame 1Window frame 2Window frame 3Window frame 4
I love your eyes too :)
Thanks for all the nice comments. When I was growing up I didn't like my eyes because they aren't any one definitive color. Now I know what an asset that is because they can be any color depending on the colors I choose to wear next to them.

Musicale 00Musicale 01Musicale 02Musicale 03Musicale 04
Dance with me

Lavender MistAmethystRoseDeepening NightDawn
AmethystRoseDeepening NightDawnLavender Mist
RoseDeepening NightDawnLavender MistAmethyst
Deepening NightDawnLavender MistAmethystRose
DawnLavender MistAmethystRoseDeepening Night
Classic Beauty

StellarLuminousShowpieceRosse's GalaxyGrand Design
i love the musicale one!
Ahh, eye candy! <3<3<3
Forest Color Delight

Shadowed II Filter MoonlightTrifiltered MoonligtThree to TwoTwo Hanging Shadows
Exceptional dance & love your new Forest color delight too, great contrasts you have :)
Thanks :)
Contrast is one of the criteria I use when deciding which palettes will make good multiblends.
Dancing Light

AuroraAurora Night AliveAurora Painted SkyAurora Best FriendAurora Night Dances
Pansy Closeup

Subtle StepsTake a step backGrowing LightFirst BlushLight upFadeGloamingMidnightSink in
Oooo, I love your pansy! That is soo sweet lookin! :)



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