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Created Oct 30, 2007












Multiblend: A series of palettes when lined up in order create a loop of colours with a harmonious effect. To learn how to make multiblends look at the two conversations: Example and Posting Multiblends. If you still have questions send me a note. -RBlue85

lizcrimson blends

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here i go...
not generatedonly looks similarl'eau du lacmelting glacierwhat are you up to?time to work it

it's gorgeous!
sycamore blend
all on one treesycamore fadeasking for it
i don't like using the palette blender so i make my own. anyway, i can't remember how to get to the palette blender. :( am i doing okay?
These are very beautiful, I am so happy we can do these now, all my dreams have come true :))
they look splendid, Liz! keep up the good work!
summer tree fairy

dull day's eveningcinnamon cocoafeels like cheatingwear your coatglimpse of gold

Beautiful, liz -- and summer tree fairy is one of my favorite palettes.
Great multiblends! I really luv summer tree fairy!
thanks all.

one hundred percentlight the fire pitembers die
i am SO in love with the Summer Tree Fairy blend! it's gorgeous!
cheer up sleepy jean

cheer up onebutter blendaqua man's boatpun nightmareblood on the lawn
dream blend

dreams of driving

veil of mistlooks like raintea and cocoadeepen itwake from the dream
'cheer up sleepy jean' is just AMAZING!! It's sooo gorgeous! i realllly like 'dreams of driving' too! i love the contrast of the dark colors stuck in between all those pales. Awesome job!
ghosts of saturn blend

to really experience this, go to the link in the original. its radio waves picked up from the planet saturn. very, very spooky...

the ghosts of Saturn

the foundation
your lips move

silence onesilence twosilence threesilence foursilence five
red stripe

coffee table chicbaking tipscuppa sunshinetequila sunriseburnin' ring of fire
Love your multiblends, i am not so much into soft pastels but my favorite is dreams of driving, just cant take my eyes of it. Awesome. I do like Cheer up sleepy jean and summer tree fairy.

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