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Interpretation Fun

Created Apr 6, 2010

Interpretation Fun











Home of:
IFRC : The daily Random Color Game
IF-word: ~weekly Inspiration Word/theme
P2P - Linking Patterns To Photos/Pictures
and more...
also to share Colour tools, colour resource, tips... (There's also a list of CL tools)


keywords: Inspiration, Interpretation,Challenges,game,fun,test,Linking Stuff,Experiments,Bits & Odds..


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MARCH 24 (6 months since starting)
A different kind of experiment in the same domain will soon start.
These pages will still be open if you still feel like trying.
Thanks for all the submissions!

IFSP - 2R1O2G idea I'd like to try out.
For the moment there are these sections:
2R1O2G   -   1R2O1Y1G   -   1Y2B2P   -   1O1R1P1B1G   -   IFSPY/B
finished experiment: IFPS5B - but you may still submit if you like

Idea: Create a palette composed of the hues(h) :
2 Reds
1 Orange
2 Green

of any saturation(s) and value(v)
And submit them below

Colour hues limits are based on the primary and secondary colours in the HSV color space:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple

    Couleur secondaire     Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Primary & Secondary Colors           Saturation & Values        

~ Hue ranges:

Red 5 - 300   Orange 6-45   Yellow, 46 - 70   Green, 71-166   Blue 167-260   Purple 261 -299

These are approximative, a vague guideline.

In short: Let your eyes also be judge.
+ please be serious. Imagine you describe the colors by phone to somebody else who can't see the palette and you would say 'it (pastel, dark, bright...) red, orange and greens.

It's more to make sure one won't submit a red and say it's blue.
I didn't find any clear reference saying which colour space is default - on wikipedis it's calculated in nm wavelengths, and I don't know how to convert that (anyone?)

And it's just so you get an idea, it's OK if it goes over the limit a little, I can't say how much as it depends on the colour, Saturation and Value (eg, for yellow +5 makes a big difference)
And using true black or white won't do as they can fix under any color range.

PS: Saturation and Values: Maybe later, there should also be a limit to saturation and value.. not too far as to go to 0-5.. because it nearly as B&W ??? ...but I can't know without trying so for now (and maybe always) it's OK...

HSV is divided by Hue(colour), Saturation (strengths) and Value (light/darkness)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

IFPS for the overal (IF+Primary - Secondary - For searching, it's 3 characters min.)
2R1O2G' (2 Red, 1 Orange, 2 Green) for this particular game/challenge.

This is part of IFSP, an experimental 'game-challenge'

For the 2R1O2G section, all palettes must be composed of :
2 reds, 1 orange and 2 Greens.

You are warmly invited to participate, and submit your new or old palettes. See details here


or use this and click the 'reply button'
Is this what you mean?

Sound like interesting :)
...can't wait to see what you're up to...;-)
Im with Twister wanna know whats going thru Ycc's Splonking head with this one, her minds working I know that much! =)
Thank you!
This is really interesting and they all seem to go together.. but it's surely too early to say - you can use very desaturated colours, near black & white

Was there too much freedom? or is it OK?
I'll define the Hue ranges like Wordofmouse said, and try myself =)
That was kinda fun :D

twister wrote:
...can't wait to see what you're up to...;-)
I'm not quit sure... I'm really intrested in color research.. and if I don't try I won't find out. Maybe seeing colour combinations following the same rule could maybe reveal something? ... Don't know , it's too early to say.

Maybe there's too uch freedom and we could also add tertiary colours?
What do you think?

Thank you Maneki Neko, you absolutely understood up to where you can go!!
I had to check those dark colours..

This is a good example of up to where you can go:
The 2 'black' colours are infact reds, so it fits! =)

So when it says orange, it also includes all the browns & beige tints - when it says red, it includes fuschia & pink.. etc

So this page/post would be like a repository of 2red, 1orange, 2 green palettes.
Submit all your 2R1O 2G's here! =)

BTW, 2R1O 2G' could be the tag for this particular game/challenge and IFPS for the overal (IF+Primary - Secondary - For searching, it's 3 characters min.)
.. I'll add this in the top comment

Even with Manekineko's near black colours, the fact that they all use the same limited hues makes it harmonious...
A lovely idea! (And I love the patchworked palettes above, too!) (Also, I think that red is maybe 320-5?)
Me too I searched - the greens are a bit limit - maybe I'll remove them later:

praxicalidocious wrote:
A lovely idea! (And I love the patchworked palettes above, too!) (Also, I think that red is maybe 320-5?)
thank you!
Yes, i wasn't sure which side to put the pink, so I just decided by lengths... what do others think?

PS: I have to go now but I'll look at them closer after...
The able above is starting to show some generalities, like not many finish with red, or start with green... need more palettes.
twister wrote:
Well, either way I think we'll get interesting results. I kind of like the idea that one person's blue is another person's purple...
yes!! I find it really hard to define the colour limits, if you tried, what would they be for you?
Maybe the best is that I ask several people and calculate an average(?)

So if anybody would like to take the time to try and define the colour limits... I think it would be more accurate than just my own.

PS: gee.. search through ALL my palettes and didn't find any!!
About the hue ranges I'm asking volunteers , what I mean is:
I decided like this:

Hue ranges:
Red 5 - 300
Orange 6-45
Yellow, 46 - 70
Green, 71-166
Blue 167-260
Purple 261 -299

These are the numbers you see here, where it's written 'H' (for hue)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you wrote that table, what hue values would you put? (eg ... etc )

When does red become orange? Green, blue?

image found by iluvhim

brucebagel has defined ranges


All Lovers are supra-ultra warmly welcome to submit new and old palettes
I think to be able to compare these here would be real good...

OK! I tried!

not very red that red

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