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Five Facts About Me

Created May 13, 2008

Five Facts About Me











Hey lovers! This is a challenge to help everyone here to get to know each other better :)

Here are the official rules:

More information at my 5 facts palette:

The Official Rules

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So, 5 facts about me is supposed to be a fun way to help all of us colourlovers get to know each other better. Once you get tagged, here are the rules to follow:

1) make a palette, with 5 colors. each color has to represent a fact about you, or the palette can just represent your personality/life in general.

3) tell us 5 little knows facts about yourself in the palette description, or inspiration. wherever is fine, really.

2) tag 5 people (once you tag people, post who you tagged in the people who have been tagged thread, to avoid double tagging!)

4) Post your 5 facts palette here so everyone can read your facts!

5) have fun learning random ass stuff about other colourlovers :))

instructions on tagging:

tag 5 people when you make your palette, and then to let them know comment their profiles with your 5 facts palette badge, and a link to this group. or my 5 facts palette, which also has the rules.

my life as a frog
Five Pieces of Me

can we have a CL reunion (union/1st time get together) now? =)
some where in the middle of the world - lol
Compliments hemingwaycafe, this little "game" turned out to be fun and useful... we get to know each other a little bit better!
About Caff
reverbe conjugated

I was going to go back and change the description to things that were less personal, but then I thought that would be defeating the purpose. Thanks for conceiving this, HC. It's fun to see how fast and far it's spreading!
About The Wings
Five Questions
five klip facts
Color is always a personal thing, but this makes it even moreso. It's amazing how when I look at my palette, it really "looks" like me, even before you read the color names or description.

Just a Glimpse
This was fun!!! And I can't believe how conflicting some of my facts/personality ended up being...!

Here I am

a slice of me
This is a wonderful idea!!!!!!! I enjoy sharing and knowing each other.
ALLY [ 5 f ac t s ]

This is cool :)
You've made me even more addicted to this site, if that is possible. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

I either love you or curse you for this... you :p" style="width: 240px; height: 120px; border: 0 none;" alt="5 pieces of my

I tagged:


Apologies to anyone I re-tagged...I am new to CL and ran out of Lovers really quick! ^_^ Love you all!
Five Facts About Me
Carolinajewel's 5

I'll tag my 5 later!

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