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Created Dec 22, 2007

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This group is for those who love the fiber and textile arts to gather and exchange ideas. create palettes that are inspirations for dyeing, weaving, quilting and more. All friends of fibers and textile arts are welcome.


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My name is Kyla, a fine art and art education student at Wayne State University. I love colour and the fiber arts. I dye, spin, weave, felt, knit, crochet, sew, quilt, and embroider.
I created this group because there wasn't one. This site is naturally a fiberholic's inspiration dream.

New Members please introduce yourself.
Hi I'm Krystal and I'm a 21 year old freshman (about time I went back to school!) at the university of the arts in philadelphia. I love to sew,crochet and embroider. I'm going to take some time and learn how to quilt and knit over winter break though. At school we have a fibers department and while I can't see myself doing that as a major I'm definitely going to take some classes on dying and embellishing and possibly some other classes as well.

I like to make palettes of colors and then go looking for fabrics or yarn or embroidery floss to match and then make things. this site is really great for getting the ideas flowing.
Hi Kyla,
Thanks for starting this group. I am a colour therapist and I have a small business making hand dyed wraps and other assorted things that take my fancy. I love anything to do with colour and am having so much fun on this site. What a great way to get the creative juices flowing! I get into all sorts of arts and crafts (as long as they are colourful!). Finding this site and this group has just made my day!
Hi, I'm Kim, I just joined this group. I'm mainly a crocheter but do some other stuff like sewing, knitting, felting, etc.
I'm Sarah..

I have a love hate relationship with knitting and a huge pile of yarns I bought mainly because I love the color variations. Maybe someday I'll actually make something out of them.

it's love isn't knit

I also sew, attempt crochet, embroider, paint, etc etc etc.
Hi, Kyla, thank you for the welcome. I'm a weaver and a fiber artist. (My avatar is a photo of one of my looms.) I had been finishing up some projects I was committed to, but now I'm looking forward to trying to adapt some of my favorite palettes and patterns to "real-world" projects. I'll post some examples of what I do as I'm able -- my problem is that while I'm good with the fibers, I'm not very good with the camera. (There is one photo right now on my bio, and more can be seen if you go to my website that's linked there.)

I look forward to getting to know you all and seeing your work.

Hello, I'm Susie Monday. I'm crazy about making contemporary textile paintings (AKA art quilts), art cloth and I also teach in my studio in the Texas Hill Country -- intimate retreat weekends that blend creative process, studio practice and fiber art techniques. How active is this group? I was surprised that so few of the art quilt crowd have found it!
hi I am jeannine .I love weaving, spinning wool, felting etc.playing with color and texture is great fun. recently I tryed saori weaving and I love it .It is a lot like palletmaking using coulors acording the mood you are in. It is your inner creatif soul that shines trough
Hey Everyone! So glad to find this group! I am Julie, and I am a fiber artist, dyer, spinner, garment designer, jewelry maker, you name it! My little biz deal mostly with dyeing fiber and yarn right now, but I soon want to move back into fabric dyeing and desiging with hand-dyed fabrics.

Colour Lover's has been a god-send! When I am stuck for a good color-way idea, I head straight over here!

My shop is, and also on ArtFire at
Hello, my name is Liz and i own and operate a fiber Mill where I process raw animal fiber into roving and yarn. I love to dye and have many different colorways for my customer to choose from as I'm always adding to the list. This looks like a fun place to put all the colors in my head on a screen and see if they really do go together :)
I'm Shelley, I own a quilt supply store in Grayslake, Illinois. I mostly do quilting work, but have also dabbled in needle felting, beading, bookbinding, and general craftiness.
Hello everyone!
my name is Eloisa and I love colors, crafts and nature!
I love to sew, crochet, felt, paint and I want to create some patterns too!
If you want to know more details about me please go to (In the top of the page there's a bar and you can read the blog in your language).
Thank you so much !!!!
Hello, my name is Naomi and I love all things artistic! I crochet, draw, paint, and collage and am a work from home artist. It will be great getting to know you all!
Hi I'm Renee, I'm 50 years old and hoping to change careers and trying to learn how to design templates and possible get into fabric design. Although the templates I have made so far are pretty lame, I'm sure I'll get there. I like making palettes there is an unlimited amount you can make. I'm inspired by art, nature, design and music.
Hi, I am not too chatty on here, mostly here to play with color :) But thought I'd at least post an intro. I am Melissa, I am the dyer behind Family Pendragon Yarn and recently discovered this site - it is so cool for creating colorway ideas :D And it forces me to restrain myself to 5 colors which is good since I am prone to 12 color colorways lately and they are so time consuming, LOL!
Seems like none of us is very chatty! I'm Linda, and I love to play with color. I knit and crochet, and do x-stitch embroidery, but my passion is quilting! Designing is my favorite part, but cutting, sewing, and quilting all have their merits. Everything comes together to create a thing of beauty.
Hi everyone I'm Glo, I just joined. I am an artist and I love drawing and painting. I also love working with colors for my work. I am very fond of browsing fabric textures, color, and designs & creating designs on fabrics as well. I have some knowledge of it and would like to learn more, maybe in the future be able to do this.

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