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Express With Colors

Created May 31, 2012

Express With Colors











This is a group dedicated to challenges, in which the Admin will give a sentence or a word, and the members will express it using colors (it may be palettes/patterns/colors).

For example, if the topic is "Rain", use your creativity to express the rain with palettes/patterns/a single color.

Please, remember to add the tag EWC to your works!

Let's have fun and enjoy our creations!

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EWC025 - Anger

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I chose colors from a photograph, but the photo has nothing to do with anger, the colors do. These colors are vengeful... or after revenge has taken place. Blood has been spent and is sharply contrasted over the whiteness of snow, but is slowly freezing into ice, turning dark brown red. The act of revenge did not abate the anger. It never does. I watch a lot of action, horror, thriller-type movies where there's always a lone warrior character out for revenge who goes on a murderous rampage, yet you never do see what happens to them after they take revenge. They either die, disappear, or keep killing. It's a sad anger. It's a cold anger. And it never ends.

These are the colors of fading out, or being shut away, someone is deliberately pushing you into a "fog" where they pretend they cannot see or hear you...

Everyone has, at least once, felt the sting of being given "the silent treatment" by a friend or lover or family member -- the anger expressed in silence, anger inflicted quietly, anger that ignores you, punishes you by shunning you and shutting you out -- sometimes it's the worst thing you that can be done to you.

But only if you let it get to you.

There is a Bitch Queen in all of us (including the guys) and she may very well look like this. Her colors are pastel sweetness but with a hardcore blood red center that hits you with a big, shitty black brown punch when you least expect it. She's a laughing queen, too. She'll fool you into thinking she's okay with everything, but underneath her "it's all right" facade, she's all about talking behind your back, telling you off, and planning how to sabotage you next. Look out. She may be behind you. She may be your best friend. And like I said at the start, she might even be you.



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