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Colourlovers on Spoonflower

Created Aug 13, 2010

Colourlovers on Spoonflower











• Post your profile info so we can connect on Spoonflower
• Share your creations
• Share tips and discoveries
• Explore surface design with the CL community

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Do you have any requests or suggestions for this group?
Some of my ideas are:
1. Hold a monthly Colourlovers-to-Spoonflower contest
2. Organize a live chat
3. Invite Spoonflower experts to share tips

Post your ideas here…
Awesome, Pink! I'll check it out.
Once we build up participation, it will be another cool way to connect.
Thanks Bea! and thanks Penina for passing the word!

I put this info here , with the other contests I find

But I think this is a better place.. maybe I should move the page here? It's a page about Seamless Studio - where I gather info I find about it
Baby quilts for Origami and Prax!
Would it be easier to find each other on SpoonFlower is we included the word Colourlovers in our profile? That way we might turn up in a search? I tried it - and it wasn't a very reliable method at the moment
I suppose we could ask folks to do this. It's hard to coordinate something like it, but it's worth a shot!

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