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Carnival Template Challenge 2012

Created Feb 14, 2012

Carnival Template Challenge 2012











The festive season of Carnival is celebrated by over 10 million people worldwide from New Orleans (Mardi Gras) to Carnival in Rio de Janiero, Brazil and all through the carribean Islands.

In this group challenge, you should create a pattern template inspired by Carnival. You can find more information and inspirational links in the Challenge Rules posted below.

The challenge ends on February 21st, when the top 5 designs will be highlighted.
Good luck and have fun!

Challenge Rules

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How To Participate In the Challenge:

1. Join the group.

2. Create a template inspired by the season of Carnival as it is celebrated around the world. Please note this challenge is for templates, not for patterns you've colored from somone else's template. I have added a conversation where you can post patterns you've colored from others' templates as well as Carnival-inspired palettes. These will not, however, be considered in putting together the Challenge highlights.

If you need inspiration or are unsure what Carnival looks like in different places, check out the links below.

Carnival - Wikipedia
Carnival Rio - Google Image Search
Carnival Venice - Google Image Search
Carnival Trinidad - Google Image Search
Mardis Gras - Google Image Search

3. Tag your template CTC-1 and include the COPY PASTE BADGE CODE from the next post below in your template description.

4. Post your template to this group under Challenge Submissions.

5. You may submit as many templates as you wish.

6. The challenge closes at noon (EST) on February 21st.

7. At the close of the challenge, the top 5 most loved templates will be highlighted and featured in a COLOURlovers blog post.

8. Have fun and feel free to contact me (sunmeadow) if you have any questions.
Would you be participating template only one .... or I can join more than one
hi tofrelouir. you are welcome to submit as many templates as you'd like!
How do you "tag" a template?
hello there sherrydee. it looks like you've got it figured out. sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

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