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Seamless studio not working when I updated it

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I dont know if I'm the only one seems like its not but my seamless is not working and I'm getting really irritated, I can't do any of my fancy patterns. I've read that possibly importing to many custome shapes can cause errors..I've also read that its adobe air that is the issue..I've done everything from a technical position to try and get my program to work again and its not helping, please help! I wanna be able to use seamless again,

Its really annoying to have to use another piece of software that is required to install the main program I'm after, I dont want all that other garbage on my pc, kind of annoying but ah well. Please help!
Thank you, frusterated colourlover MystyHaze21
Hi, Mysty-

You said you've done everything, but I still have to ask - did you actually uninstall and reinstall Seamless?

We can go from there. :)
Yeah, I uninstalled and reinstalled atleast 5 times and its still doing it but apparently there is a bug in adobe air, I was reading online last night trying to figure out what is going on...I even went to see if I could possibly alter my script any to see if I could get it to open but I guess I'm gonna have to wait till they come out with a fix threw adobe, kinda sucks I wish they didn't have to use a third party plugin to allow for installion.

Wincustomize started doing that with windowblinds when I had that, they did it on 7 edition and I had to email the company and ask them if there was a way to download my blinds without installing gameplay. So I might have to do that...
I'm in the same boat. I got a new pc and I can no longer make templates even though I have all the original software I downloaded and installed. Once adobe air overwrites it, you are just screwed and getting the I/O error. I miss being able to create templates.
RRRR is all I say now it just pisses me off to no end, I want my seamless back!! :(:(:(:(
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