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Seamless Lite and Studio : lost shapes when saving templates

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I'm a newbie and maybe it's not really a bug but when I save templates in seamless lite or upload to CL in seamless studio, some shapes disappear. It seems related with high number of objects in the pattern.

OS : Windows 7 Home premium sp1
Browser : Chrome Version 34.0.1847.131 m

same behaviour with Firefox 12
I think this has happened to all of us more than thing that seems to work for me is to SAVE early and often, as you're building your template. Every time I save I rename the template (as in, maybe, adding a number after the name), then as I add new objects I save and save...this seems to make uploads more dependable, and even if they fail in some way, you have a previous iteration to go back to so you don't have to start from scratch. Of course you can't do this in Lite, only in Studio. Also, it's easier if you save to your desktop each time, rather than within the pattern folder, Then you have every step of the process preserved where it's easy to access, and you can dump the files when you have what you want uploaded. Also, if you're uploading drawings from inkscape, or some other drawing program, see if you can simplify the shapes (i.e. eliminate superfluous points) before you import them into seamless. Hope this helps--your templates are charming.
Thanks for your reply. I'm going to try this. It's really frustrating to see your final template with some pieces missing.
I've only trial version of seamless studio... and I think it's a shame to pay for a software so unstable and bugged.
In seamless lite, I"ve already tried to save shapes as backup but it doesn't fix the problem. When I reused these shapes, the final templates has always missing pieces.
I suppose the only way is to simplify templates...
Thanks again (and I love also your templates)
It gets easier, I promise. Check here for a thread about borrowing a license key, so that you can use Studio on a long term basis. This group is a wonderful resource in general, full of conversations about template making techniques.
Yes, I receive a key and apply your advises... and my last pattern had all its pieces! Miracle!
I will check for the group. Tips and techniques sound very interesting at my ears ;)
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