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Seamless Studio Won't Work

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In the last week, I have bought Seamless Studio twice.I download, get my key (I have 3) CC & P it in place, get the green check mark and click on complete registration. Then, the software opens, however, NOTHING happens. I cannot click on anything. It won't even close the program! After paying $29.00 and another $19.00, sure would like to have software that works as it should. My computer runs Windows 7 and I have the newest version of Firefox. I have this same program on this computer before and it worked great. Thanking you now for helping with this. Peaches6
I have the exact same problem -- Windows 7, latest updates, and it worked well for a while on same PC when I first installed it, but then started crashing. The crashes boot me off Windows and force a restart. They occur most often when I'm working with streaming video, and the crashes stop when I uninstall. When I reinstall they start again and with increased in frequency. Now I have nothing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, Seamless and my task manager say the program is installed and running. When I click, there is no visual.. Please help!

Peaches6- did you have any other problems with Seamless before the no-go? Did you find a solution?
Did the problem ever get resolved?
I have same issues but the color palette will not pull up and i HAVE paid version.
Did you use the contact form on the support page to get help? =(
I've gotten my Seamless Studios to work- but not in a Windows browser. If I want to open Seamless on CL and/or create palettes, patterns, write comments or do anything else, I need too use google's Chrome browser. (That's my choice, I haven't tried any of the other browsers.)

Also, I had to re-download and re-install Seamless Studios to my PC through the non-Windows browser. This works fine for me and I hope it works for someone else!
I downloaded my Seamless Studio through Firefox. I've been trying to upload my templates via Firefox. No Joy. Also, see below.,5,6534/Seamless_Studio_ImportingUploading

I sincerely hope they are working diligently on a patch for this...
Anyone able to install this on Win 7 now? I tried both Chrome, and Firefox, and both times I get this message:
The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author.
What version of Adobe Air works with this? I have the latest version, maybe that is the trouble? =( *cry*
*BUMP* Hello?
I get the same message @Tiandu No matter where I try to download the program from that is the message I get. I even tried to run the installer in compatibility mode since I'm running Windows 10 and no luck.
I can email you the copy i use if you give your email. However it doesn;t "install" like usual just click icon and program runs, this is how I got to use it now on my recently purchased computer after I copied installed program and files from old computer because I kept getting same msg as you when I downloaded again.
or else do what I did if you have a computer available with installed, working copy: go to programs folder and copy Seamless folder then transfer to computer you want seamless installled on and paste into programs folder. prolly have to provide admin approval, idk if it goes into registry properly and all this way, I am by no means a techy person but the program should work. DOesn't show up in my start menu installed programs list, to run have to navigate to the C: drive programs folder and click seamless.exe or rt click it and choose create shortcut, itll ask to put shortcut on desktop so click "yes" then to launch seamless in teh future, click desktop shortcut icon.
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