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Seamless Studio (paid version went back to trail upon update)

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The software is no longer for sale. ^_^ Here's what Darius, the founder of CL, said:

COLOURlover wrote:

We as a small web team took on the big undertaking of trying to build a software that we felt was missing in the world, you all seem to agree that it is, but it turns out we weren't able to support it in the way we needed to. So rather than sell something that half works, we decided to pull it down.

I'm still open to the idea of open-sourcing the code and putting it out to the world to improve and make better...

RoseAllyHoHa wrote:
trial is upon update but it's always the same "The software is not currently being sold. Please check back later." What the matter ? Thanks
but it's ridiculous don't sell software because it's still used on colourslover and many people make creation with it. The best way is to let it on colourslover web site as before. If not, how make more templates with seamles sstudio as all colourslover community users?
we - the people who were using the product were very satisfied with it-- I would say extremely so. It did not need to be improved or changed or updated in any way in my opinion. I purely loved it-- and there is a huge hole in my life without it. I am disabled and on Social security, but I paid for the program a 2nd time when it stopped working, because it is important to me. Please reconsider your decision and make this wonderful program available again.
the worst are horrible softwares seamless trial send on our computer, don't download the trial version if you don't want to infecte your equipement, it's not serious. In those conditions I can't became a sponsor, I can't delete all software you send without it's possible to buy seamless. I don't understand why
Then what are the other products that are acceptable or can we use on here that don't cost an arm and a leg ? I downloaded imager, fractal , and many others I would like they want you to pay TOO MUCH for !! I keep asking people and they told me Darius said we could use a serial number for seamless studios . I am getting frustrated because I plan, and I will be doing this very soon - on launching my own design company . I already have the praise dance dresses hand drawn and CAD is what I would really like . I have spent hours looking and they are WAY too expensive . I used paint shop pro several years ago and actually won a contest or two . I really would like it if we had a running - say java platform chat on here because I just can't message people on here at random . Can SOMEONE please reply ??? So many incredibly talented people on this website another question that I have is why are most designs prohibited for commercial use when spoonflower emailed me back and told me I could upload to their site .. I have so many questions and not too many answers . TYSM for any help you can provide on the above , Pam
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