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Is there a forum for the Seamless Studio?

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Ah. Thanks for the info Anomalin about yer monster computer still having some troubles!
Hey, liddle_r,
I have a feeling you're right about the vector points. I have actually tried this technique with 3 different photos, and I've been successful once. The first pattern I tried just has too much detail, I think. The 3rd one has "static", which I am going to try to clean up, solid-ize the grainy-ish sections, and retry in Seamless. I'm not super optimistic, though.

The 2nd photo I worked with came out beautifully. I can't upload it or post it yet - it's from a photo I found on the web, and I have written asking for permission to use it on CL, but haven't heard back yet. I hope the photographer gives permission - I'm really excited about how it came out. In the meantime, I will work on my 3rd pattern, cleaning it up, and will post the image and some layers if it still doesn't work. The photo is one I took, it's a super-closeup of a lily.

Thanks, liddle_r, and thank you, Anomalin, for the link to the Illustrator techniques.

k : )
I LOVE THIS! I'm am abstract painter and just found this lovely site. How and where are you doing this alteration of photos? Thanks.
Ah! Yeah, I think it is the too many points thing for sure now seeing these images.
liddle_r, thanks for the input. I think I need to aim for simpler, cleaner photos.

harleysfriend, this forum thread was discussing problems some people are having working with the pattern making software developed by ColourLovers, Seamless. The photos that I was working on, the lily, were altered in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
harleysfriend wrote:
I LOVE THIS! I'm am abstract painter and just found this lovely site. How and where are you doing this alteration of photos? Thanks.
Personally I just loved the level of complication in your lily. It's my humble opinion that anything you choose to do will be lovely. I trust your instincts; however, the complication of the lily is exceptionally pleasing to me. I paint (and photograph) and to reproduce your lily in paint would be quite a lovely challenge. Do yo care if I do that, by the way? I painted a back-lit flower that a friend took once. It looked totally different; however, it also look so familiar. It was a subliminal effect. I think to have your photo in the same room that a large print of your alteration of the photo would be a subtle and pleasing decorating twist -- sort of like repeating colors and patterns with variation. -- Deb
kalindy: yeah. a bit simpler until they work out the memory issues in Seamless.
Are they working on these issues?

I find that once I get my main "seamless" bits done, I can save the .svg and open it in Illustrator to finish it. MUCH faster and smoother.
bunneh: I have no idea if they are or not. The should.

Interesting work flow to bring it back into Illustrator!
Unfortunately, I don't have a choice. SS can't handle the many layers and groups, where Illustrator can.

This is, of course, for things I'm not making to upload to CL.
Does anyone remember what version of Adobe AIR works with Seamless? =(
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