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Apparently clicking a box is inappropriate language

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"There was an error while saving your settings!
your post contains inappropriate language"

For the last 2 weeks i've been trying to update my bio, email, settings because it's been a while since i was here, but I am in desperate need of this site now due to my jewelry designing creative block.
I see other's are having the same issue.
I used both firefox AND chrome on a windows 10 pc and on my ipad pro. So....are we all potty mouths or is there something special I need to do in order to add my new photo to my profile lol
Wҽ'ʋҽ αʅʅ Ⴆҽҽɳ ԋαʋιɳɠ ιʂʂυҽʂ σϝϝ αɳԃ σɳ. Cԋαɳƈҽʂ αɾҽ ιƚ'ʂ ʂσɱҽƚԋιɳɠ ιɳ ყσυɾ ρɾσϝιʅҽ ƚҽxƚ. I'ɱ ɳσƚ ʂυɾҽ ɯԋαƚ ƚԋҽ ʂραɱ ϝιʅƚҽɾ ʂҽƚƚιɳɠʂ αɾҽ σɳ ԋҽɾҽ. I'ɱ ɠυҽʂʂιɳɠ ƚԋҽყ αɾҽ ʂҽƚ ʋҽɾყ ʂƚɾιƈƚ, ɯҽιɾԃʅყ αɾႦιƚɾαɾყ, σɾ ρҽɾԋαρʂ Ⴆαʂҽԃ σϝϝ αɳσƚԋҽɾ ʅαɳɠυαɠҽ, αʂ I ƈαɳ'ƚ ƚҽʅʅ ɯԋαƚ ʂҽƚʂ ιƚ σϝϝ. I'ʋҽ Ⴆҽҽɳ ɾυɳɳιɳɠ ɱყ ƚҽxƚ ƚԋɾσυɠԋ αɳ Iɳʂƚα Fσɳƚ Fιʅƚҽɾ ƚσ ɠҽɳҽɾαƚҽ αʅƚҽɾɳαƚҽ ʋҽɾʂισɳʂ ƚԋαƚ αɾҽ σϝƚҽɳ ρσʂƚαႦʅҽ Ⴆυƚ υɠʅყ.
^not to mention, really hard to read...

wow, yeah, what's up with the word filter? I'm sad to return after several years to a site that doesn't seem like it's working very well.
Yes, unfortunately the more legible alt font options still get caught by the filter.
エʈ ꙆօՑડ ന୧ օʊʈ ηօω ωᏂ୧η エ ʈᴦყ ʈօ Ꙇ୧⍺Ꮴ୧ ⍺ Ꮳօനന୧ηʈ ܂܂܂ʊડʊ⍺ꙆꙆყ܂ ḊὶડᏣօʊᴦ⍺ՑὶηՑ ʈᴦყὶηՑ ⍺Ց⍺ὶη & ⍺Ց⍺ὶη ʈօ ᏣօനനʊηὶᏣ⍺ʈ୧܂܂ ᏂὶʈʈὶηՑ ⍺ ъᴦὶᏣƙ ω⍺ꙆꙆ
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