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i have been trying ot post in the forums for almost an hour. it is not working. idk what i'm doing wrong, but i wanted to report a spammer in the right thread. but i can't. it's frustrating!

but, anyway, i wanted to report a spammer who is sending me private messages with links to sex sites.
There should be some sort of post explaining how to do this. I am far from incompetent when it comes to computers and coding and such. But, this is extremely hard to navigate, and it is frustrating.
hello, i'm not able to post any comments on the site....

edit: this got posted but i'm not able to post in the wordlinks game thread...why?
For both of you - if you have an adblocker on, I've noticed it often blocks the reCAPTCHA that is under the forums post box. If you're trying to post a comment, require completing a reCAPTCHA, and have the box for them blocked, you won't be able to post. You don't have to fill one out every single post, if I recall, so that might be the issue with having intermittent abilities. Otherwise, I'm not sure. Admins seem to be lacking on the site at the moment.

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