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A lot of things are now missing

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Anyone else having an issue? A lot of my things just disappeared. (O_O); I lost like 20 followers and over a thousand palettes. In addition my loves and favorites have been halved. ???? I'm really confused and not sure what's going on.....
I tried to link a screenshot of what my page used to look like, but I guess html links are no longer allowed? I'm using Windows 7 with Firefox 63.0b10
Several pages worth of my loves and faves have gone missing as well. And I don't know if this is related or not, but when I came online this morning I noticed I had 100+ notifications, which freaked me out a bit, but when I looked at them they were all old notifications that I had already looked at, nothing new. Also on the home page, it looks like a lot of the most recent forum comments are gone, but they actually aren't. All in all, there's a lot of weirdness going on. :/

(I'm using Windows 7 with Firefox 62.0.2)

On another fun (/sarcasm) note, as I was trying to post this, my tab randomly switched to some kind of ad even though I don't think I clicked on anything. :/
I also had the 100+ notifications this morning, which were nothing new. It's sorta like the site was rolled back a month or so and recent things are now missing.
As I've looked through my loved colors I've also realized that there's a lot of colors in there that I had previously un-loved (mostly because they had spam account names, or I just didn't want to use them) -- it really does seem like everything got rolled back about a month. Weird, and I hope there's a way to fix it.
I hope there is a way to fix it too. That's a lot of stuff missing and a lot of time gone. It's a bit disheartening, as well. I wish there an official presence on this site, someone you can talk to about things, instead of random team showing up occasionally. *sigh* I just feel like no one cares, ya know. =/ Over 1000 palettes and 6000+ faves is a lot of missing things, and it's discouraging.
I had the same issues and contacted the site about it. Most things have since resolved for me. I think I'm still missing some loves, but before I couldn't even make any palettes, add new loves or post in the forum, so I'm happy it's all working now at least.
I made contact on twitter, since I couldn't post in the forums or, seemingly, use the contact form at the bottom of the page. But turns out that what I wrote in the contact for got though, so I guess you could do that. You can also write an email to
Same with the notifications.....
I have sent a message through the contact us section and I'll see if that does anything, if not I'll try twitter. I also noticed I'm down about 60 of my named colors, as well. *sigh*
I looked to be down a lot of colors and palettes before, but for me they were all there. My profile info said that I only had 85 palettes, but when I clicked to see all my palettes, all 500 some were still there. Same with my colors. I have definitey lost some loves, favs and some followers though, but I didn't have terribly many to begin with, so it's not a disaster for me.
Yeah, sorting through my palettes and colors, they seem to all be they're just misrepresented on my profile page. The faves and loves are gone though, completely. The same for the followers.
Hello everyone! A couple of Colourlovers already let us know they're experiencing the same issue.
If they haven't been resolved for you yet, please send us an email at stating your issues, your username and your user email so that our web dev can check it out and solve the problem.

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There used to be a report button. New owners must've removed it. Yes, it definitely needs to be brought back!
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