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I see dead palettes too, hemingway

I noticed this a day ago and then again today the same problem occurred -

When I try to edit a particular pattern the base pattern choices show up as "No Results".

Say for example originally my pattern was a Bloodline and then when i go to edit and click on "Floral" it shows no patterns there instead it shows "No Results" and its the same for the rest of the pattern categories. This is happening with all of my patterns not just one... Is this perhaps a new feature CL introduced that is - once you've made a pattern you can't change the base pattern?

System specs - Windows XP, FF 3.0

Even though its happening with all of my patterns here's one of them :
i'm sorry did I ask my question in a wrong way or is it that since I'm not a sponsor my problem does not warrant any sort of response at all...?
Hi, C! I think once you've posted a pattern, the pattern is set in stone. And I think I know why: Supposed somebody faved that pattern, or wanted to paste it on his/her profile, or into a comment, or ... . If you could change the pattern, you would be changing the faver/profiler/commentator's implied taste -- that person might not like the new pattern at all!

If you make a palette of the colors, though, you can keep using those colors as a starting point for loads of different patterns.
GreenMyEyes, thanks for responding dear :)

What you say about changing patterns is quite true and I've wondered about it myself some times. But if that were the case then perhaps there should not be an option to change the base pattern at all and just have the option to change/play with the colors of a pattern...

Well, this problem didn't happen until a week ago i was able to change my patterns. If there was a pattern that i didn't really like and hadn't been faved/commented by anyone i went ahead and made changes. But that was also what i wanted to know - Is it happening for everyone? Is this a new feature that CL added recently or am I the only one that's experiencing this anomaly...?

Thanks again my dear :)
I have a ? , how do we upload a pattern so we can use it for our palette ? it would seem more authentic if I could use a pattern I have designed :)
@FlatLine, a couple of ways:

-- Go to COPASO. On the left side, there is an area where you can display .jpg files from your computer. Click on Attach New and you can browse your computer til you find the pattern that you want.

-- If you have a place on the web to store info (flickr, maybe, or your own website, or ...). Upload your pattern as a .jpg. The go to PHOTOCOPA, click Photos and enter the http address of your file.

I hope this is clear; if not, post again. (Generally, it would be better to post this type of question in the Forum FAQ: Sharing the Love.
Hello! I'm very new, so forgive me if this is not the right place to ask but I couldn't find a 'help' thread or section.

I've been trying to save a pattern I created in the tools/seamless pattern design thing but when I click 'save' nothing happens. Like at all and I'm not able to find my pattern again to color or use it.

Now I'm sure it is my own blindness, so would someone please enlighten me?
Hi bibibaby,
there was another user describing the same or a similar thing in this thread, scroll down until you find sele2277's comment and take it from there to find out what should happen after you click on Save. I'm not sure that we were able to help sele2277, but maybe you could go and ask if any solution was found?
Thank you, I'm trying that now. I'm sorry if this was the wrong place to ask but I find this site a bit difficult to navigate. There was a third person in the 'share the love' group who had the same problem, but so far no one seems to have found an answer.
I can't change my profile!

I click 'Edit My Profile'
Edit the info section
Click save, page scrolls up (like an inpage link) but nothing is saved

I see Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL in the consol

Mac 10.5.8 -Chrome Google Chrome 10.0.648.204

Edit: I created a new thread with this - it's here
ycc2106 wrote:
I can't change my profile!

Found it! Fixed it, too :-) Thanks for the heads up!
Problem editing an old pattern:

There was an error while adding this Pattern!
Invalid patternDefinitionID: you do not have permission to use this template!

NOT ADDING - EDITING the description of an old pattern

cause template is ARR
ycc2106 wrote:
Problem editing an old pattern:
NOT ADDING - EDITING the description of an old pattern

This should be fixed. Thanks for the report!
Good- thanks!

I just wanted add the template badge in the description. ^^'
minor problem one can encouter :

1st time I get this here - when I try to go to Ola. 's page I get:

link found here

Says You need to delete all the cookies
I did it and it doesn't work - what could it be?
ycc2106 wrote:
minor problem one can encouter :
1st time I get this here - when I try to go to Ola. 's page I get...

This has been fixed. Thanks for the report!
I'm on Windows 7, and Chrome 14.0.835.186.

My love note icon doesn't go red when I get a note right away. It usually does it a few hours later, unless I happen to check my inbox before then, but sometimes the envelope won't go red for like a day.

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