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FF on Windows XP.

The site looks damn good, although the system also eats my inspiration comments. Not sure if that is at all related to the OS or browser, though.
are our palettes being eaten once they pass the first page? i was looking at recent palettes and noticed something a little screwy, after the first page of recent palettes they seem to be all no name/no color palettes and only a few pages back I was finding palettes made in jan. 07
That's really weird, especially since the comments and creators are still bound to them. This doesn't happen on the creator pages.
It does on mine, after the first page it reverts back to sorting by name, all the "sort by" functions seem to be off, maybe it's just a beginning of the month thing...
I'm using internet browser 7.0 (I think) & Windows xp.
My issue: my comments here never stick. I can get a few words to save, but usually never the whole comment. It's really irritating.
Windows XP and firefox 2.0.4
it works pretty well, but the server is really slow, specially when there are more than 250 users on...

Great job Darius, I've never smoked or been addicted to anything but to colourlovers, Yes. ;))
i sure would like to know why firefox works fine for everybody else, but the latest upgrade of firefox doesn't have any colours for me?!
I'm using Windows XP and Firefox 2.0.4, and sometimes colours and palettes don't show up, but that's it.
mac osx firefox
I use Mac OSX version 10.4.10 and i'm running both Firefox and The new Safari 3 Beta. The website works well on Firefox but is too slow. Favoring palettes takes forever. It runs great on Safari but the color mod tool for creating palletes doesn't work. I just joined CL today and spend a good 15 minutes trying to create a palette. But i couldn't in the end.
Windows XP & Firefox

. . . and looking good!
WinXP and Firefox 2, but I really really want to buy a mac
xxitslovexx -

Currently the palette maker is only tested on Safari 2.x on OS X ... We have not tested it on Safari 3 on either Windows or OS X yet. As of now we are waiting for a more stable release on the Windows side to begin testing.

Thank you for letting us know!
Win XP SP 2

Opera 9.2

Everything seems to be working fine here... having problems in AOL 9.0 VR, but I don't think that's a CL thing!

IE 7.0 on XP Home Edition
Bresnan cable broadband.

This is my first day on this site. Pages are loading really sllloooowww. Or not at all.
osx 1.4.10 with firefox 2.0
Well I am a graphic design student who has not yet gotten my foot in the door, but
I use firefox as my internet browser.
Illustrator cs, photoshop 7, dreamweaver 8 along with flash, imageready cs and indesign. All on my 2005 hp desktop.

but once I actually get started in the real game I want to up grade to a Mac and up date all my software to cs3, but that a while away
win xp ff
Firefox on Linux. Your site works very well.
I use Opera 9.21 on XP Home SP2

Everything works fine
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