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Opera 9.2 on Vista and WinXP.

Everything looks ok
blue-hoo! my poor old windows 98 won't let me color.
I use FF & IE 7 on XP Home SP2
And when im out and about: XP Pro SP2 on a Laptop with IE 6.. but i dont think ive made colours on the laptop :P
i have windows 98 (!) and firefox
i haven't had any problems to speak of, but today comments are cutting off or not going on...
Windows XP with Firefox

wish i was on my mac :|
shore, who used to be a regular, says she can't create anymore because her system is so old she can't download firefox or upgrade explorer. :( she just doesn't come by here anymore.
I use Firefox on Windows XP
I use the latest FF on XP home it the site works wonderfully...
Mac os 10.4.8 Firefox 2.0
working fine.
Thank you so much! Downloaded firefox and having fun!
Firefox or Flock on OSX - works great! Safari works as well but It's a limited browser for other things so I don't use it much.

FF Windows XP, site works fine :)
Windoze XP (SP 2)
portable Firefox with No Script extension (added rule to allow scripts in here).

Only 1 problem I can see is the top part of the righthand colum which shows 'Recent Discussions" & "Sponsored Links". The Sponsored links part only partially shows,
so the words dissapear of the edge of the template.
Windows XP Professional + FireFox Works well, but your server is extremely slow :-(
My comments are being disconnected with increasing frequency. :/

Windows XP

FireFox 2. something. :/
Windows xp pro and Opera 8.0 (or 7... I don't remember, either way, opera is an amazing browser!)
Windows XP, FF

This may be a dumb question: are comments to the blog posts delayed or needing approval in some way before being posted? I don't seem to be able to get any of mine to show up. Either that, or I'm going to have three comments in _What Color Are You?_ when they do show up. :/
Windows XP - IE 7 and Netscape 4.7 (looks ok at Netscape).
Mac OSX- Firefox and Safari
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