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Design Contests (input & feedback)

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Please feel free to provide input for design contests held on the COLOURlovers blog. We'd like to provide more opportunities for COLOURlovers to win neat prizes and opportunities.

Please give positive:
- Input
- Feedback
- Resources (such as using a timer/clock plugin to count down the contest runtime).

I'll leave this open to collect information from anyone interested in doing so to help me put together some fun ones.

I believe I will wait until Seamless Studio is openly available to all users for future contests.


- Molly
Community Curator / Blog Editor
Thanks Molly!
Nice contest! I think it really brings a + to the CL comminity =)

mollybermea wrote:

Third, I want to note the top three (3) LOVED pattern templates submitted:

The winner is Any Palacios with "Mother's Day". Congrats!
>> Which version to submit? Template or colored version? - I think as it's a pattern contest, it's the template which counts.

Maybe the creator could try to highlight the template in the description of the coloured versions?

a bit like I did here (but just a simple note) :
If you also like please click this love button twice (once to go to the template page and once to click the real love button)
love this button_L


>> 2 TAGS
a special tag - so it's easy to check which one is most loved
1 global contest tag + 1 special tag for each contest

Example for 1LP items
1LP submissions are done by tag :

How to submit

Tag your submissions 1LP - All CL editors have a input area for tags:

The tags enable items to be searched & sorted by score:
>> View all time 1LP palettes by vote*
>> View all time 1LP patterns by vote*


>> How about winner badges?? =D

Some groups give out 'prize badges' for the top monthly items

Top 1LP palettes receive a badge similar to this one with the palette instead of the image:
Thanks for the feedback ycc!! :) this will be very helpful in planning future contests! :)
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