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Site Downtime 930... New Servers!

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Howdy all. We're very excited to finally be moving our servers and doubling the number we have. This should allow us to keep the site humming along and get back to adding features without worrying about the load.

This is the good news. Bad news is it will take several hours to complete the move... And will be down for that time.

Starting around 3:30pm PST.

Thanks for being patient and to much COLOURloving in the future!
happy migrating!
Just an update that we ran into some issues and will be trying again soon :-)
Uh oh! Migration not complete? It always looks so simple on paper :-D
Why don't you add new tools to the alraedy existinglike Basic,Nature,Miscso that new patterns could be made-It is getting Monotonous doing the same tools again and again-Pl add new tools
Cool! Hope everything went well! =)

How can we subscribe to news like this? This mean I have to constantly check the forum to get this news...

I don't want to complain, you guys are doing a great job and I'm very thankful but information like this is so important a big banner on every page would be welcome.
I second ycc!

I'm a CL site status stalker (sss?). Even a quick note on Twitter or something would be so great.

And thanks for all you do. This site is soul food.
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2 weeks ago
They've been taken care of. If you notice more spam accounts, please let me know.
Thank you for helping us to keep COLOURlovers clear of spam :)
3 weeks ago
sparrowandcompass wrote:
{omglove}Color by COLOURlovers.
wow. i like it.

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