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Highwireart wrote:
Raymie wrote:
The top navigation bar seems to be a bit high which pushes the content down...not useful especially when you're 1280x800 with toolbars on top on a Mac.

If Raymie is talking about the dark grey bar along the top, I would agree that it would be nice to have it drop further into the page (more wide from top to bottom.

I intended to mean it to be shorter (the navigation links BELOW the dark grey bar) mainly because it's a bit tall vertically especially when you're on a 1260x650 active viewing area (on a 1280x800 monitor).
divebomb djingle wrote:
.... thank you for fixing the "Show latest followers added by default" issue

Yes, big thank you for latest followers fix!
Colors pop only against white and very dark. The light grey doesn't work aesthetically; makes the colors look sad.

I would also reduce the length of headers and tighten the white space between colums and rows.

There is greater instant access to the nuts 'n bolts information of interest to regular users now but I found the initial version much more visually appealing. Because it's the front door, eye appeal is everything.

Banners, buttons, and better fonts will help.
I really like the new site. Looks clean and great colors
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