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Creative & Passionate Writers... We Want You.

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COLOURlovers is going to be expanding the content in our blog with the new release of our site (only a few weeks away.)

We're looking for creative and passionate writers in the following categories:


If you're a reader of our blog you know the quality and style of post we're looking for... but we want to start offering our readers more content in specific interest areas... ie, more articles on choosing paint colors for interiors, or hot new color on the runways...

We're looking for writers who can be responsible for two original articles per week as well as a couple interesting finds / short posts.

They will have their bio and site link on the bottom of each post so this could be a great way for a indie creator to get exposure for their work or their own blog.

If you're interested, please contact me and let me know your site, some links to your written work online and what your specific interests are.

How wonderful for someone to have this opportunity. I have always wanted to do this. Sorry I have closed my jewelry site down at this time. Too busy with life stuff, but maybe in the future. So kind of you to offer this opportunity to CL Darius.
Thank you.

Heidi a.k.a. Highwireart
Wow! This is a really cool opportunity for ColourLovers!

I would definitely love to know more about this :)

I have experience in writing but with different content (public journalism). So I worry about jumping to the feature story side of things.

Keep us updated on this Darius!
Send me an email Miaka.

You know what our posts look like... so if you think you're up for sharing color ideas and stories in a similar style... we're all for it.
I would really love to do this occasionally, but -- sadly -- I don't have the time. Here's a link to one post which might fit your needs: Beautiful Fans, Beautiful Ladies. (It's in a locked group, but I would hope Darius would be a ble to look at anything!)
Hi COLOURlovers,
I just found you a couple of days ago. I am a writer and want to know if there are any current assignments for which you might need words written by me.
Please let me know for now or in the future.
I am so happy for this opportunity! I studied creative writing in college. I just sent a link with my blogs and I hope you check them out and consider me. Thank you!
I could write about knitting and current trends in yarn and knitwear designs. I could show how fashion in knitwear comes around with the passage of time. By this I mean showing how current designers use fashion from the 1900s in today's garments.
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