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Using my Shapes in Seamless Lite

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I can't figure out how to use my own shape in Seamless Lite. Once it's saved it seems impossible to change or use. I want to use a shape a made a little while back.
I may be missing a button or some step, but if this isn't possible please tell me. Whenever I click "edit shape" it just takes me to a page to change the name, description, etc.
Thanks for the help if you can give it!
If you saved a shape, it should now reside in the left-hand menu, under "My Shapes". Did you check there?
Thanks to paintglass I found the itty bitty pull down tab that showed me "My Shapes" at last.
Well, you are most welcome. Just want you to have as smooth a time with it as possible!
LOL I sure did spend my share of time fussing at it.... ;)

Ifihadapaintcan wrote:
Thanks to paintglass I found the itty bitty pull down tab that showed me "My Shapes" at last.

I just created my first shape in Seamless Lite.
Now i want to create a new pattern template - and I intend using the new shape i created.

However, when i go to the "Myshapes" drop down, i don't see my shape.

Can someone please advise - is there something i am missing ?
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