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The Colour Blue - My Essay

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Blue is a moody colour - over the years it has been associated with depression, sadness, spirituality and purity. Traditionally, blue was associated with the Virgin Mary, symbolising femininity and motherhood and then in the 20th century, became aligned with the masculine; pink for girls, blue for boys.

Blue features in nature and dominates our collective field of vision, since it fills the vast expanse of the sky and is thus the colour we are most confronted with whenever we step outside...assuming it's a nice day. It is the colour of the ocean and is found in eyes, precious stones,plants, rocks, minerals, birds, butterflies, fish and insects (though not land mammals).

The colour blue is said to have a calming effect and there is some evidence that it can stimulate imagination and creativity. Researchers at the University of the Columbia in Canada, gave volunteers some toy parts to get creative with - half of which were coloured red and the other half blue. According to the study, those toy parts constructed out of blue materials were judged to be far more creative than those made out of red.

Sumptuary Laws

In Elizabethan England, some colours were considered so 'special' they could only be legally worn by select parts of the population. The Sumptuary Laws attempted to dictate what people could or couldn't wear, according to their status in the social hierarchy. Blue dyed with woad ( a flowering plant) was the colour of servants , however the rich intense royal blue, dyed with indigo, was the colour of the wealthy.

Blue: The Artist's Hue

As blue is such an evocative, mood defining colour, it has been favoured by artists for hundreds of years. In Byzantine art, blue, often matched with golds and reds, was the commonest colour used. In religious iconography the Virgin Mary is most often seen wearing blue, the representational colour of Heavenly grace.

The World's Most popular Colour

According to at least three global marketing firms, blue is far and away the most popular colour in the world. It has the power to elevate or depress...inspire and spiritualize or calm and suppress. Is there a more beautiful sight than a vast expanse of clear blue sky, perhaps with a brilliant sun illuminating a glistening blue ocean...? If there is, it would be hard to find.
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