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Color Replacements

These, unlike the previous, are a lot more elaborate and can really make drastic changes, like turning a dark eye in a light blue. They can have a one or two colored layer that covers all of the iris, just leaving out the pupil itself, this makes you eye look bigger and a lot more exotic, you will get noticed wearing them, although they will still look natural, as some lucky of people have natural dual toned eyes.

So if you fancy a total change in your eye color, this is the colored contact lens for you, there are lots of color combinations to choose from, but generally people go for blue and green, since these are really the most rare eye colors.

Fantasy Contacts

This category would need a whole hub just for it, fantasy contacts is really a whole new world, and there are literally hundreds of different lenses, most people that go for these only wear them on Halloween or specific parties, because these are really show stoppers, you will really stand out in the crowd. Still these are really the funnier ones that you can buy and can be split into some smaller categories:

Glowing Contacts

The first ones like the name states, are lenses that glow in the dark, perfect for the night out at the disco, or scare the heck out of someone. The second subcategory is a really big one, as this includes a lot of lenses: full coloured lenses (all black, white, red ...), vampire, fire, sharigan, start, cross, fan, gothic ... really all the icons and drawings you can think of putting in a contacts will be here. Finally this is for me the most extreme fantasy contact out there because it covers the whole eye (including the sclera, hence the name) so you can have a full black or white eye with these, perfect for Halloween or other scary parties, the big downside is that these are not so cheap colored contact lenses and a lot harder to put on the eye.
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Final Toughts

Now that you know what this is all about, it is up to you to take the next step and try them, I'm still trying to choose which one i will like to try next Halloween (have got a lot of time i know), but i most definitely will do it, even if it is just for kicks. If you are a girl you can think of this as a new hair style, but a lot less permanent.

Like i stated in the beginning, some of these lenses can be used as your regular graduated contacts, and regarding medical requirements, depending on what store you buy them on, only the sclera requires a prescription, all the others are non prescription. Still i think there is some sort of law loophole that states that if the store cannot contact your doctor to confirm that you can use the lens they will still ship it within some days, but i am yet to confirm this, so don't take it for granted, and if you have info on the matter let me know.

If you are looking for cheap colored contact lenses in stores have a look at the cococontacts website, as it has a solid reputation on the web and pretty good prices, also i think they offer free shipping on orders above 99$. If you plan on ordering on this site, you can use this promotional code DRM97SCMTRU that gives you an additional 10% off on all orders.

Finally if you already wear these kind of lenses or have any more relevant information, please drop some feedback on the matter, as it is always a plus to share the wealth.
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