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BlueBrown Palettes

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BlueBrown palettes of every possible shade and saturation are EVERYwhere!
It's the hottest combo around!

Open your eyes and note how many times and how many different places you come across this combo, whether it's on TV, a notebook, a nurse's smock, a room's decor.

I'd like to see your palettes featuring these.

Thank you deliquescence for your wonderful instructions on inserting palettes in the forums.

[font="Georgia"]HERE'S THE LINK TO SUPERB INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO INSERT A PALETTE AND ALSO HYPERLINK TO IT, be sure to scroll down to the posting where the instructions are highlighted in colour. [/font]


Here's a few to get us started.

This is volume 1.... I have a lot : )

Some of these are lovely, but i don't see the blue & brown combo in some of them...maybe just my monitor or something.
Volume 2...

My personal favorite here...

Oh, and 'dystopic' and 'metrosexual' are inspired by 'utopic' and 'metropolitan' which are both awesome blue+brown palettes.
wow EnaBean! Thanks for the colorful additions ... good job : )
not my favourite colour combination, but i'm certainly beginning to appreciate it
here are mine...

Not a new palette but it's a gradient from brown to blue ! ;-)

Wow! Very nice compilation. The first few particularly (I scanned through the rest only) are excellent!
i'm still looking for more, but this is the first one i thought of.
found more.

and that's enough (at least for now). i didn't think i had many since i don't use a lot of blue, but with as many palettes as i have i would be here until next week searching!

(sorry about that above)
does this count? (i just can't stop now! thanks a lot, peachbelle!)
arguably green and brown... but its close :)

" target="_blank">

I really liked this one -

Fun! As I was going through my palettes I realized that I was having a hard time pinning down both "blue" and "brown". I found that blue (in my world) veers toward teal and also toward grey. I also found that I have a wide range of what I call brown. And this question, is tan brown? Anyway, here are some of my "brown" and "blue" palettes.

Well, it is clear that I associate brown and blue with the beach, eh?!!
These are mine... I'm kinda surprised how many brown-blue palletes I have :)

i'm new!
i'd love to join in on the blue and brown love.

Here are my contribs, and i hope this works...

Brand spanking new one!
i dont have many blue and brown combos, like liddle r i seem to go more for the teal, green, tan, pale, etc....

like i said not many, but i do like luvn under the sun :)

I'm hoping this works. I'm trying to learn how to submit smaller palettes.
I've been offline all week, and coming back here to see all the great bluebrown palettes is awesome! Thanks to everyone for participating. Since there are sooooo many of these beautiful palettes, i think i'm going to tag them so we don't have to keep adding them here in the forum (unless you want to of course!).
I'm using the tag "bluebrownPalette". If you make a new palette or see one without the tag please help by tagging it.

I've been watching westerns on TV with Boss, and i am just blown away by the genius of the movie colorists. They are masters at using every possible saturation of brown from creams/tans all the way to blackishbrown and of the palest to the darkest of all blues. Every scene is TOTALLY in these two hues in every possible shade. I would dearly LOVE to meet the colorists and spend a couple of days in their work environment!

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