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Interesting Coincidences.

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I know I'm not the only one that ends up with the perfect colors on accident.

This one is just wierd. I wanted to make a 2-colored palette of just me and my fiance's names, Leslie and Julio. Instead I ended up with 2 colors-- from 2 different users at that-- entitled "leslie's bum" and "julio's bum".

I find that rather interesting.

I know I have some more where I add a color without knowing the title and it just fits. This one was a little different!

Our Butts.
Oh... what on earth did we create!?!? That is too funny.

I suppose with almost 1 million color names you could probably cover most common words... and umm, butts.
Yes! This coincidence/palettial karma has happened to me on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, my memory is coated in teflon, so I can only remember two specific examples:

"Midnight Ambush" appearing on
Colour Ninja Strike!

It's a more nebulous fit, but I think "Familiar" amps up the warm fuzzies on:
All You Need

So are CLers obsessed with colours and bums? :D

I started out with "shine!" and "Setting Star" and "Evening" just showed up.

On this one I searched for blonde colors, then chose two tasty reds. One of them happened to be named "Working Girl"

Blonde Ambition
Leslie....I can't stop laughing....
I know this has happened to me too but I am a bit like reverbe with the teflon issue...

Breathe Deep

had only one color I could name:


and the color next to it happened to be:


I was listening to the song Soulja Girl lol
*hmmm* I'm sure I've had more than this (or I've seen them on other people's, at least) but... here's a few of mine~!

La Petit Hamham

I was making a palette based on the french hamster Bijou (from Hamtaro) ...and it ended up as a little french flag! Haha~

Preparing for a Fall


This color on a palette themed after the character I themed it after amused me (but if you don't know why, I'm not gonna tell you. No spoilers here,haha.)
Oh, I have a good one:
TV junkies
To answer an above question. Yes, I like bottoms!

I know I have had something like this happen on a number of occiasions but can't recall specifics. It is always interesting to see what names show up. Is kind of a bummer when I make a nice peaceful little palette and "dead rat poison" or something like that shows up. Ok. I made up that name. Hopefully.
I had one recently that I really liked too. I saw this picture on NASA's website of a sunset taken from Mars that was so interesting in terms of color that I had to make a palette from it:
♂ martian sunset
(The NASA pic is on it's page.) I got to name all the colors but one. The other color was
from iamgavin_. I thought that was pretty cool, because it was how light was perceived from Earth. But then I clicked through to the palette it was from and it was the amazing
I think it's the coolest coincidence that that color is the center color for both palettes, a planet apart. There's even a pic of that sunset on iamgavin_'s page. Who knows, maybe it was the same day, same light!!
That butt thing is great! LOL

Here's mine:
It's crocus time

the poem that was created is:
Dingy mauve
Dead brain
not discouraged
dull spring
slighly optimistic

I didn't choose colors by names, and the only new color was "dull spring". :-D
this happens to me so often, but i can't remember any of them just now. :( i also have several like Ketutar's that have inadvertently turned into poems. OH! i want to remember some to put them here but i can't! i'll be back...
Can't think of probably hasn't happened to me, but just seeing all of these was giggle-inducing.

I'd like to make a study of what we CLers name our colours...the results might be interesting.
I just created:

Coral Reef

And the only color I didn't name was called:


I just created

Pensive Peninsula

I added all of the "peninsula" colors, but an old color of mine Sea_Zebra
was there and so was Stefan's
Ok, in this palette every color name ended up being perfect... by accident:


A new coincidence

Mountain Dew

This happened awhile ago and I didn't even realize until someone pointed it out to me:

Lost in a forest

And the first color is named:





Interesting stuff!
I love it when this happens...
sick of yourSickness

perfect fit...

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