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Secrets of Eighteyed, such as they are

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Thanks eighteyed!

Well, interesting. I did make a shape but then it did not show up in my shapes in Seamless Lite. I will have to look again. I've noticed it takes quite some time for my recent patterns to populate into the area where you can choose to make a template so maybe there is a wait for the shapes to show up.

I sure wish I had a copy of Seamless Studio. I had a copy when they first made it but then didn't get the new one and then was off the site for a very long time and I don't think I can get it anymore. Sigh.
Ah ha!!!! When I go to make a shape, it is saving as a template and not as a shape!
I've been wondering how you made all these amazing templates! Thanks for posting this!!!
You are welcome! This thread is several years old, and I haven't updated. Should you have questions on how I've made any of my templates since 2014 when I started concentrating on Seamless Lite, just ask ^_^ I have kept a lot of the shape elements, which you can inspect directly, and I can tell you in what order I put them down or otherwise adjusted them. Just let me know!
Okay!! Thanks, eighteyed! :)
Hi I can't install Seamless Studio (windows 10)
Palalula, see if this post has any answers for you. I work on a mac and don't use Studio anymore, only the flash template maker on the site. Addabarios had a valuable workaround. This was a few months ago, however.,4,3699/For_those_not_able_to_add_Pattern_Templates...?page=2#comment-433618
thanks a lot!
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