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Secrets of Eighteyed, such as they are

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You know, i've spend the past three days looking for information like this - but specifically related to the gradients and transparencies I see in so many wonderful templates. Any tricks for those?
Okay. A lot of those are made in another program and imported into Seamless. Dazzlement uses Inkscape, a free program you can google and download. I don't use it because I need to archive a bunch of stuff off my hard drive and I'm lazy, no room to install.
In general I can tell you that overlays and gradients are actually seperate elements but because they have been pulled so fine and overlaid over eachother, the eye appears to mix them together in colors. It's like the painter Seurat, who invented pointillism.
Theoretically you can do that with Seamless, but my efforts so far have all been ugly.
Aye, I am working in inkscape, and I have AI as well - but i just canNOT get them to be as 'fine' as those wonderful artists seem to be able to do. I create a gradient in one of the other programs, and Seamless imports it as a solid shape. I am so frustrated that I am about to rip out my hair.

What is their secret!? /grin/
I wish I knew... sadly, beyond the Secrets of Eighteyed, as of this time.
I do have a glowy thing that I pull out of my hat sometimes, and as long as I draw it smaller in diameter than a dime, it appears to have some of those colorbending effects. You can see it in these patterns:
Maybe if you made one thin, fine line in inkscape, and imported that into seamless, and built your shape/gradient in seamless?
I've tried that - the thinnest that inkscape can make - .1px, and Seamless imports it at 1px. I think Seamless hates me. /chuckle/

But yeah, like your little star up there - that is what I am TRYING to sort out for myself.
Well, but Seamless draws things much finer than 1px, from a saved shape. Maybe you can make your shape larger than the 20 pixel box seamless leaves you with, then reduce it a lot. For instance,
these templates have evidence of what seamless does when you shrink things. I have a lot of trouble making the largest shapes I can and reducing them within Seamless to enjoy this effect because of the tiling... makes it hard to select the entire shape correctly. But maybe you can import one whole and selected properly from Inkscape. The 1px wouldn't matter, if you reduced the size in Seamless afterwards.
You know who we should ask... is Liebling. Liebling has this Kung Fu.
Posting to subscribe me to this conversation! Thank you for posting this eighteyed! =)
Saskya, if in Illustrator you can't do strokes thicker than 1px, you should turn off the snap to pixel grid in Transform window. There are an option for all new path in the hidden menu: snap to pixel grid all new path also.

I don't know Inkscape (I used it twice in my life) but I think there is some similar effect.
oh, I am so glad I found this. I am not yet brave enough to try making templates, but when I gather my courage, I will turn here for help. Thank you!
Kung Fu?

eighteyed wrote:
You know who we should ask... is Liebling. Liebling has this Kung Fu.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your *ahem* secrets, Edith. I've been wondering about the secrets of template making all this time, and I'm glad I see this :))
Array of Lily, thanks for joining! If I can speak for Saskya, I think her problem is not that she cannot draw lines thinner than one px in Illustrator, but that when she imports her thin lines into Seamless they somehow transfer much more thickly. When she tries to transfer a gradient, it arrives entirely black.

How do you import your thin lines, Array of Lily? Are there any special settings you use to preserve your widths? Looking at your templates, I think you understand just the kinds of special effects Saskya (and I) would like to learn how to do. Can you share some general information about how you work? What other software do you use besides Illustrator? And how, in general, do you import your shapes and work with them in Seamless Studio? Clearly you are able to import shapes that Seamless can't make.

Kim, Tiandu, MiyuriScarlet, anybody, feel free to ask any questions about my templates. I will tell you how, and in what order I made the different parts and why.

Miyuri, Liebling has the Kung Fu of filmy translucent shapes that appear to make more than 5 colors. So has Array of Lilly. If hackers can use this martial arts term, so can we!
Eight is correct about my issues in her post above this one, yes.

Yes, we must learn the Kung Fu!
Only fills will be imported correctly, strokes sometimes works, sometimes don't. (So when your shapes is looks good enough any you think it's just ready, you should expand appearance in object menu and after that expand again, or outline strokes. (AI))

As in the Seamles Studio manual is described, all fills will be imported as a solid color. You can't import gradients. I make gradient like this with more transparent layer top of one another (1st solution):


My latest try was this (2nd solution):


I wrote in love note for Saskya how I created this. This is my first attempt, it's not perfect. Two blends between paths with different thickness top of one another. One of them is reflecting.

I learn everything from one or two forum posts of Praxicalidocious, and I found them again now for Saskya, but it won't be big help because Praxicalidocious' posts where just responses for Saskya's former question in january 2012.

svg options

I can send in e-mail some examples, I haven't better idea.

(Sorry for my English...)
I have third solution for gradient, with blend that use different distances between lines, like this:

Same shape in tiny makes gradient, and in bigger size there is the structure:



4th solution:

Using spirals or thin "stars":


This was my start at summer:
google search for related posts

Other source:
Now you can see my templates in order and you can see my learning process (some step will be clear after seeing my first failed template and after the final version), sometimes I wrote in keywords what technique I used. I noticed that other template maker do the same thing: in the template description or in the keywords they wrote the "secret".

And trying, trying and trying. My first transparent shape created 4 month after that I wanted to create one. (I tried every days during 4 months.)
On another note, it's important to know that what you see on screen in your Seamless Studio Pro, is not what you are going to see online. I run a bunch of test run uploads on my shapes and templates and just never hit submit so that I can know what they are going to look like in the end before I spend too much time fleshing out the rest of the pattern. For me that woks really well. Things in Seamless Studio Pro seem to look thicker and less transparent than they do once they are uploaded. Have fun!
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