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Color inspired (tips + inspiration)

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This may be a thing, but whats important is that this is a place where you can get inspiration for palattes and patterns and also share inspiration and tips. im trying to get the word out atleast a little bit so please support me here! I need inspiration, and im sure many others do too. here we are
Birds: (inspire)
birds can be very colorful or dull, but even so, they can give matchy color palettes to anyone who sees them. look at images of birds to see what lovely color palettes they offer us.
If you want an example of a bird palette, I made one (fly away).
I would put it here but I don't know how to put creations in comments
the best way to do it is your way
-Roselife (me)
Hi ladies, Each week, I'm posting two blogs with some color inspiration ideas...check it out here at Colourlovers and I'd love to see what it inspires in your hearts! The latest was about colorful kids' cereals!
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