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Color barcode multiblend generator & gallery

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cheers !
i like your brain R :)
@cstallions :D :D :D :D Those are great finds!
dude you are on a roll this week, nice job
This is so terrific! I've been playing for a few minutes (and will keep playing after I post this), but I just wanted to quickly leave a comment saying...

THANK YOU! I'm immensely flattered that you experimented with my work, and then actually included it amid examples of beautiful pieces! *bounces*

Now back to playing! This is a wonderful program!
I think I love you again!

The best thing about it is how you can get snapshots in time and compare the colours I'm stuck on now vs. the colours I was stuck on three years ago.

Tres, tres cool!
I love comparing newest palettes to top palettes and see how they differ. Also, it really shows trends you've been having recently, like I've been doing a lot of bright colors (while most of my top palettes are more muted), like what reverbe said.
Wow, I love the time line aspect. I was just browsing my own work and as I saw groups of palettes that I recognized, I was reminded of what I was working on or feeling at that time. Very cool.
Love all Cuttlefish tools!
Thanks Sero for making them, I've put the widget on my page =D

Tag your palettes by type/style (eg: bright, pastel, dark, contrast...) so you can generate their barcodes.
Here are some examples :

or/and color names (I can't get the color drop down menu to work...)
Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue ...

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5 hours ago
Since Aug 2018, I can longer upload or publish templates I create using Seamless Studio. In Seamless Studio, I'll create a template, and click on "Upload to Colourlovers," my browser opens a new tab to CL but it just goes to a blank Seamless Lite page, and I am not logged in on that page. This happens whether I am already signed in to CL or not.

When I used to "Upload to Colourlovers," a CL would open on the browser saying something like "we have your template but you need to sign in." I would sign in, and my template would be ready to publish.
9 hours ago
A really cool survey!
9 hours ago
Blue night
1 day ago
JMG84 wrote:
Not able to post patterns right now either, same message comes up as what that48girl said above, hope this will be fixed very very soon, please could a CL staff member give us a bit of an eta on it (a day, a week, a month, hopefully not that long lol) would be very appreciated ty :)
Hello community! Could you let us know if you're still experiencing the issues with Recaptcha and the patterns? Please write to
It's easier for us to keep track of what needs to be fixed this way. Thanks! :)
3 days ago
eighteyed wrote:
Well, I dropped a note on twitter speaking about the problems, but I think they had already fixed it when I did. So that's good!

Thank you so much!! And I fixed the login issue today-it was a stupid settings issue on my part, not a site bug.

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