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These colors appealed to me on a deep level and I had to create a pattern....
*sneaks in*

Just want to say that I am AMAZED and kind of flattered that this game is still going EIGHT YEARS after it started. Thank you all who've brought it back to life recently!

That is all. Please direct your love at Wildfire2013!
( This thing needs to revive RIGHT NOW WHO'S WITH ME?!?! B0 )

^ I have a personal appreciation for word search palettes, and this one looks like it was for a game?
I also have a weakness for the 80s, and, for some reason, these colors also remind me of Hey Arnold! I know it's called 'one year after HS86', but this... it just totally takes me back to PS118. |,D
I love all these colors together /as well as individually/ too, and that's a pretty rare thing for me.
hi! i'm gonna bump everything on the forums!

^this palette makes me think of christmastime as a child and the sudden rush of joy that came with it! the colors are really pretty and bright and crisp <3

The widths are perfect here <3 This vibrant yellow somehow works between the other calm colours. The title and colour choice make me think of jumping from warm sandy beach into the sea water on a sunny day...

As I browsed through your page I discovered that our color pallets are similar, Bright and cheery! I liked this pallet because of how you choose different color families and it does remind me of a cool breezy day. :)
That's right, I love bright colours :) However, I can't take credit for how this Breezily palette turned out because it's from the hue +2 game, which means I used a palette made by sparrowandcompass:
and changed the colours a little following the rules of the game, so it's pretty much thanks to her :)
Although the hue +2 game doesn't leave you much space for creativity, i really like it anyway - sometimes the results are something I'd never think of myself (like in this case). The downside to this is that I sometimes feel a little guilty that I took sb's creation that they put so much effort into and nearly effortlessly did something nice, but then others can do the same with my stuff so I hope we're all even!

This palette of Clear immediately picked my interest because it just so happens that there's some tension between me and my friends in my life right now... And it turned out to be a pretty cute palette <3 It kinda reminded me that all that friend tension isn't unsolvable and I'm a little more optimistic thanks to that :) (sorry but I often take palette names and compare it to my life lol)

Recently I've falled in love with color pink. Not the neon one (altough I like that too) but the soft and warm one like the ones used in this palette. I also adore the baby blues here. They're bit sad but also so very calming.


As some struggling with mental health I think I can see these colors at lowest of moments. I have to do a lot of work balancing my time and friend time and there are times when I know I'd do or say something but I can't because I'm so exhausted on my own. I feel that petrol blue on those very darkest of moments. I think the neon pink represent anger that comes and goes in flashes.
i'm really digging the contrast here between that imposing dark gray and the rest of the bright, cheery colors in the palette, and how the widths you've chosen keep an even balance between the two different moods. the movement between the bright colors and that one dark one seems like a really dramatic, almost cinematic moment -- pardon my imagination running off on it's own, but i keep picturing this montage of really light, happy moments in someone's life and then a sudden cut to how things are now, and the viewer realizes that everything previous was a flashback. anyways it's a beautiful palette!

I have heard of the song, "Scarborough Faire" and played it in an orchestra. I can relate to this palette with its dull colors and dark hues since the song is minor. The blues reminds me of a pier and the other colors, the wood of the boat. The colors blend equally together which gives a nice harmony, but also a contrast with the blues and red. This is a really beautiful palette and I might even use it in my digital drawings!
thanks scrumpery! i'd be really honored if you used the palette in your artwork!
gosh this is such a pretty collection of pastels. normally when i think of summer my brain jumps straight to bright, vibrant colors, and it's really cool to see another interpretation of the season. it's the perfect palette for the end of a calm day spent at the beach, collecting seashells...the colors you've picked from the image are really evocative of the scene. it's very lovely and relaxing!
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