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I think I just started following moldypetunia the other day. When I found her profile, I fell in love with all those lovely, soft, pastel palettes. So beautiful!

Here are some really good ones:
The Colourlover above me is an absolute doll. She likes to play the games in the forum. She always has a kind and encouraging word.
She also has a stunning sense of style, and a great eye for unusual and intriguing combinations.
This is gorgeous...
And yet, completely unexpected : )
I hate cilantro, but I love Wondercake's Cilantro Cocktail because the colors complement each other nicely, including the unexpected pop of purple, and the colors themselves are each individually pleasing to my eye.

Plus, I love when colors that can be classified as both bright and greyish/neutral seeming.

first, I like your name very much, @JellySquids.
when I looked at your page, I saw wonderfull palettes and patterns.
When you coloured a pattern template, you colour it many times in different colors. And I love that, because you can see that pattern template in different colours

This pattern I like the most:

And this palette I like the most:

it was a difficult choose, because you have so much variation of palettes and patterns.
I really like this palette of yours, missfire26:
I think the colours you used are so lovely, not quite brights and not quite pastels. They all complement each other perfectly, a very well put together palette!
I also think your watermelon pattern is adorable:
And I really love the vintage-y colours you chose for these two patterns,:
- Looks suspiciously like a Monday to me! All that forboding so well portrayed- you're so happy getting some sleep, when all of a sudden it's just over. A palate with a name to strike fear into the heart of the insomniac (which would be me, in case it hasn't been aparently obvious,) and still somewhat soothing colors to go with it, once you get over the initial impression. 'It's horrible,' this says, 'but it's going to be ok.' |) VERY nice.
After much deliberation....
Just look at those colours, all so different and rover's made them look like they were made to be together! The palette seems to strike a balance between feminine and masculine, and it really caught my eye. I just want to go and make a poster with this scheme, or wrap it all over some stationary! XD It's woooonderful!
Mangowasabi!! You're stuff is always so cheerful and happy. I must have a soft spot for orange and bright colors right now, because I find these ones simply stunning! <3

I LOVE this combination, the orange and pink and mint. So awesome!
And these two are just fun. :)
Wow, MissGibbon! This is the first time I've seen your work, and I love it! You've got a few really nice pattern templates, and some adorable palettes. You've combined them so nicely in your phone case contest entries, I'll put a few of them here and urge people to vote for these lovely cases!

cotton candy stripes
cotton candy stripes by MissGibbon

strawberry stripes
strawberry stripes by MissGibbon

baby bees
baby bees by MissGibbon

I know I would love to wrap these around my phone!
bezzalopoly - I see you around here all the time, I love how active you are in the CL community. I am still pretty new here, but people like you are the reason I like it so much!
You have so much variety in your creations, but my favourites of yours are the ones with bright cheery colours like these ones:

Gahhh there are so many, haha, I have to stop! These palettes make me so happy!
Pretendgames - Welcome onboard! You've got impressive showcase of palettes already. Your colours are bit on somber side, but still they're very lively and fun to watch. These caught my attention right off the gate.

Given how awful weather is outside, this cheered me up immediatelly!




Also noticed your flickr, amazing photos!
BreakOfDawn -


These two are by far my favorite palettes out of your collection. Hymn to Hope reminds me of a sunset on a lake, and it captures that perfect little snapshot of the deep blue water and and the light reflecting off it :)
Cradled in Love is the perfect representation of loving somebody. There are highs, there are lows, and it's all blended perfectly together and it just feels good and warm and dark and deep.
You have soooo many great palettes and no matter what colours you use, your palettes always look sweet, calm, slightly girly. It's hard too pick just a few but here are some of my favorites
And I love this one too
You seem to be really good at coming up with original and unexpected colour combinations. I think you are really talented! Looking through your palettes, I feel inspired.
I love the dusty tones in this one:

I would never have thought to put the pink colour in this palette, but it works so well!:

That bright blue colour looks like it would be really hard to work with, but you made it work perfectly here:

These are just awesome:

And you have a great eye for patterns too, I love these two bright ones:
So pretendgames is new since early November, but wow! Already 50+ palettes in. And some beauties too, like this one:


Or this one:

Or heck, this one:

But my favourite is most likely this one:

The name is so evocative... of neglected beauty. And the gritty dark grey battles with the sad light blue and the thin slices of fire that separate the two. There is something both full of hope and despair in this palette, and I don't think I've ever seen one more aptly or evocatively named. Just beautiful.
I love this one SO much, but I have the feeling I may have already featured it on here, so just in case...
I like this one lots, too. ^^ It's kind of pretty and mysterious... I just love these colors together. The middle one looks almost like a yellow-ish brown in there, but it's grey? And the one before it looks like a red-ish brown, but once again... that's kewl.
Altogether it makes a very lovely optical illusion. ^^ (Veiw it in full, please!)
Hey hey rover again! :)
Well, I didn't have to look far, this is her most recent creation! Although the title is a bit depressing, the palette is tea and biscuits, chocolate and mint, and all those other excellent combinations. Soft and refreshing. ♥

This is one of the least-viewed palettes on her profile, but it captured my heart right away. The colours themselves are beautiful, (especially the very first bold one) and they're all aptly named. The gray tones in the center keep to the story and oddly enough, the last one, titled "Ran Away" and is really close to the colour of my very own luggage bags haha.. so it just seemed to fit to me. It's wonderful! ♥
After looking through and loving a bunch of elizabethjean's palettes, I found her style rather unique! She's not afraid of using bold primaries,
but also boasts subtle transition palettes.

My favorite was this one!
It gives me a feeling of getting lost in thought while waiting for something, only to snap back into a minimalist waiting room. Haha. Love the pleasant pale greens here, and the widths. Good stuff!
I really enjoying looking through CrismonCircle's work! Especially the "Jake" palettes. The colors go well together and have a nice depth. And most of your palettes are made up of wonderful dark shades. This is my favorite one:


It is so dark, but the colors have a underlying "happiness" in it. Maybe because I visualize this palette with lighter shades, I find this palette to have a lot of depth. It takes normal palette color combinations and gives it a new face. I really love it!
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