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Have you ever become infatuated with a color? I saw this color in Highwireart's "let it be" palette and became infatuated with it!



constant longingfamiliar territorydeep divedesitiny travelschoicepatience
That's never happened to me....yet (:
*cough* Yes:


(Hear the) Whispers.

Violet Hill

Long Day's Work

The Anthem

I Like This Color!

The first one was when I discovered the color. The names were entirely a coincidence. :P
Not yet! (I'm a big fan of Egyptian Waters from the last Lx3 challenge, though.)

Your "All Is Not Gold" palettes are lovely indeed!
For me, that would be-

as I've used it in-

Our Origin

Steel and Rain

Thinking of Steel

Steely Natured

My 'Blue Midnight' and 'Ice White' are ones I've used more, but this colour stands out more to me.
It is cool to see what folks get infatuated with. I was surprised at my crush on "All is not Gold". It is somewhat similar to colors I generally like but is slightly more muted than I am normally attracted to.
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19 hours ago
Tried to add a pattern that I'd just coloured... Wanted to call the pattern 'Dirty Clouds'... got an error message saying that it contained inappropriate language! What is inappropriate about THAT...?! Is anyone else having this issue?!

1 day ago
I am very grateful at last I have been able to solve it, I had no idea what was happening, thank you
4 days ago
@waleedmazhar2 can you please help the fellow Colourlover?
5 days ago
The image_url is working fine now.

I am trying to get patterns using python API. I am retreiving the patterns using keyword 'top' and incremetally setting result_offset parameter in below code.

patterns[iterator] = ColourLovers.patterns('top', numResults=100, result_offset=100*iterator)

Issue I am facing is; patterns are retreived when I pass result_offset value as {0, 100, 200, ...,900}, but for any value of result_offset above 1000 the patterns retreived are not unique(they are repeatative for any value of result_offset).

Please suggest a to retreive atleat 10000 unique patterns with keyword 'top'.

Thanks in Advance!

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