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Hello, Colourlovers.

As you may or may not have noticed, the blog section of the site is up and running. What I aim to bring to this site is a varied level of science, culture, and even the latest trends aboard the trains of thoughts that come and go to you. To leave you inspired, creating, and discussing ... that's my ultimate goal.

Without you, this goal doesn't have much weight or realism. And don't worry, there's no pressure or way to be right or wrong. I excitedly anticpate each and every idea that comes forward.

Send me a note, comment on the entry, or tell me about what you're making or have made. If the entry reminds you of something, bring that too.

Let's share our love.
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Hi Guys,

Sorry for the problem you are facing. Could you let me know URL you are using for API. Also please share with me API key in lovenote. Please don't share your API key here.

I have also refresh all keys. Should be working now.

Thanks for your kind cooperation.

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