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what happens after 16.7 mil?

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Well assuming this is only 24 bit, what happens when all 16.7 million colours are named? will it only be new palettes being submitted?
What is funny is this question is exactly what I have been thinking about. Well really I was wondering how many colors can actually be created here. But thanks for the number which is really quite high. I did not want to try to figure it out by myself.
well, then lovers can still create palletes while using th 16.7 million submitted colours...
what I was thinking would be cool (as I was also thinking about this in my own way) is to be able to zoom in to the color "picker". To be able to zoom far enough in that you could see the name of the color on it and the person who created it. Or, if the color was not "claimed" yet then it could be named.

I guess I would love to be able to make "finer" distinctions when choosing a color than that smallish picker allows. (Have been also wanting this for flash!)
Well, we're at ~ 150,000 colors right now, that being < 1% of all colors possible [16 ^ 6], and the rate colors are being added each day will slowly decrease as time goes by, so I'd say it would be a very long time ..... you just might be in a nursing home by the time that happens ... hopefully a nice one, of course ;-)
But if you think about it how many of the colours would not be pleasing to the eye? That would decrease the number of colours people would want to make.
Try to compare that another way. To name 256x256x256 colors we have 20 characters maximum with a possibility of a-z, 0-9, space and assorted special characters in each one. Many of the names are already duplicated as uniqueness is not enforced. Naturally you are free to edit your color if it has the same name as another.
I think by the time we reach 16 Million we'll all be surfing ASTRARESIDUElovers or whatever color will be called when we all see through solar shields and drive our new fusion-hybrid cars around mars.

Seriously though, the site has grown and evolved constantly since I first put it online and with the growing number of great lovers I'm sure the site will continue to evolve into something amazing. Even with all the colors in the system, there will still be much fun to have.
Unless one of us sneakily creates a colour submission script to target every colour within the unused gamut :)...
hahahaha...... you mentioned that to me on msn dm.. hahaha lol
i think by the time we reach the number we wont know until mr COLOURlover tells us that its full, no more colours... reached the 16.7 million folks.... but i think by the time someone finds the 16, 699, 999th colour... there would be a mad rush to see who can find it miss 16.7 ;D

I think by the time we reach 16, 699, 999..... the rating system should change and whoever finds the last, is mr/miss/mrs/ms/dr/sir #1.... shmeh ... but by the time lill old lasty' is found, we'll be living in mr lovers future world driving stupid dumb ass 'hybrid' cars etc etc........ etc ...... oooooooo how riviting
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