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The Voice Of Color- The Color Sense Test

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This test came out with some great results for me (Morning Rose & Honey & Almonds). There were a few palettes in my two collections that were not to my liking, but the overall results fit well :) I looked through all of the other collections later, and found that I really did like the two I was given best!
I took the test, it seemed cool...but now I need to spend MORE time on ANOTHER WEBSITE
I think it did right by me as well... it gave me two fairly different collections: Desert Spice & Al Fresco, but I really like both of them. Now I'll probably create some palettes combing those colours, very inspiring.

I was pop-art and white spaces. An odd combination!

I got the same as Oread and they kinda suit me - that was cool.
Interesting test. The results were "on point" for me. I was Leather, Stone & Wood and Tapestry & Mosaic. The colors used in those palettes are generally found throughout my house.

I got "Water Beads" and "Leather, Stone, and Wood". I like Al Fresco, Almonds and Honey, and Pop Art too, so I think I'm just a color whore :p
I'm Water Beads and Leather, Stone and Wood. I like blue and have a lot of it in my wardrobe, but I've never used it in home decorating.
I got Al Fresco and Desert Spice, like Oread, but in the opposite order. I actually love the combo of greens and warm rusty colors, so it was pretty accurate for me.
I got Honey and Almonds and Water Beads.

Loved the palettes. These results were excellent.
Cool color test. It was pretty accurate pinning me as Al Fresco and Desert Spice. Lots of great color info on that site. Nice resource. Thanks for sharing! ;)
I got Al Fresco and Morning Rose. Exactly what I expected!
I thought my primary palette was exactly right: Tapestry and Mosaic, and I loved all but one of my color swatches. But my secondary -- Pop Art -- just didn't work for me.
I got Al Fresco and Pop Art :)
I like Pop Art's palettes, very vibrant and colourful .
Al Fresco is nice too.
I came up as Pop Art, then Desert Spice. Pretty accurate, I think. Very complicated test- I liked it. :)
mine was Desert Spice first and Pop Art second. quite interesting. I feel desert spicy and pop arty. good match, i think.
Whoa. I was Pop Art, then Water Beads. I think my 2nd one should have been the white theme, but the the test was really cool =)
darn! i went over there but couldn't get into the test! i even registered and still couldn't...
Desert spice and water beads. I adore reds and oranges, so good call there, but I loathe pale blue scemes... ah well
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