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List of Spam Accounts

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How interesting. The drug spammer posts in the spam list.
Soooo, we had an ok thing going here for a while, with someone deleting the spammers every week.
It's been three weeks since anybody deleted anything. Have we been left alone again?
Could the mod team please come back and start deleting the accounts we have been collecting? It's not a lot of fun to use this site when you feel like nobody gives a s*** about us. (spam Palette)
^^ I couldn't agree more! It a shame that a few of these accounts keep posting new stuff since they haven't been deleted.
Would also love some of this spam taken down. Makes me wonder - I guess they must get some traffic from accidental clicks, because it seems none of us are falling for it!

Company only on here to promote themselves - literally named their palette "palette" with description "palette" to get out in the front page eye more - avatar is a company logo.
Palettes are spam for home health care
Yeah, the ones that keep coming back and making more spam palettes are the ones that annoy me most.
And I really do not understand why they keep coming, and to this extent, since I agree, they can't be getting much revenue from this site!
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