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Whose yer hero(s)?

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I am working on a personal (art) project. I am looking for folks who are making a positive difference in the world. (or who relatively recently did)

Some of the people on my list include:
shirley chisholm
desmond tutu
martin luther king
rosa parks
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Susan B. Anthony

So, I am hoping y'all can help me by widening my knowing of people doing good work. My scope is world wide. People don't have to be "famous" but if you include a local person, please give me a few details about what they are doing and if there is a link to info about them that would be good.

Thanks so much for any info you share with me!
Nelson Mandela - got Tutu in there, got to have Mandela :)
Steve Biko - black consciousness leader and martyr.
Emily Hobhouse - humanitarian activist in the boer war.
Nkosi Johnson - child aids activist.
Emmeline Pankhurst! Hunger striking for votes for women.
Hello liddle_r would you consider to add Buckminster Fuller?
I think he was an interesting man in a positive way /architect, inventor, visionary/
Aung San Suu Kyui
Ellen Macarthur - went solo around the world on a ship. and she's the fastest person to drive around the top gear test track. two great accomplishments.
Coco Chanel - so stylish and cool.

I'm not sure if they made a difference, but they're both something to aspire to, in different ways.
Gene Roddenberry.
George Washington Carver
Nikola Tesla
Barack Obama
something closer to home:
Darius + Chris+ Klip + everyone who has contributed to making CL the best in the web.
Mohammed Ali
Barack Obama
Nelson Mandela
Miles Davis
Johnny Cash
Clint Eastwood
Spike Lee
Richard D. James
George Washington
Crazy Horse
--Freddie Mercury, fer sure.
Of course, this is more of a personal thing, but I could never leave him out. He's just an entire statement of, "I am what I am. So what?"

--Emilie Autumn.
No matter what she's been through, she's remained true to herself. She pretty much refuses to change for anybody. Also, she recorded the charity song, "By The Sword" as tribute to victims of 9/11 and gave proceeds from the charity to AmeriCares and the American Red Cross.

--Xenia Vorotova.
An incredibly gorgeous woman born in Russia and I read something about her learning English through Michael Jackson tapes ( xD ). At the age of seventeen, she relocated to the U.S. with her mother and sister. By her mid-twenties, she owned her own fashion business. She is also a model, singer, songwriter, musician, makeup artist, and animal rights activist. She does what she can to inspire people everywhere to be true to themselves through her "blogazine." She does a little "Weekly Glee!" thingy too. Overall, she's a positive woman and truly an inspiring figure.

So obviously, these are more of heroes that are doing their best to further individuality and optimism. Personally, I find this to be incredibly positive for the world. Ahah. (:
Cool! Thanks for these!

I had completely forgotten about Buckminster Fuller!

And of course, if ya think of more, please do jot 'em down here!

Thanks so much y'all!
How could I forget Amelia Earhart?
And George Lucas?
sinta schneider wrote:
something closer to home:
Darius + Chris+ Klip + everyone who has contributed to making CL the best in the web.

I'll drink to that!
Bill Hicks
martin luther king jr
max guevara (dark angel, so she's not real. i really like her character)
Barack Obama
my sister is my hero :)
dean winchester
Thanks super_cute*smiles*. I would like to hear more about why your sister is your hero.
Two writers of great clarity:

Joan Didion
Annie Dillard
Mark Johnson (creator of Playing For Change)
Barack Obama
John Lennon
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