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Starting tshirt shop - looking for designers

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Im about to start what will be Scandinavia's largest tshirt shop. But its not just a tshirt shop its a youth movement, a music scene, a conveyor of messages important to the young generation.

I am looking for collaborators that can really design. This person will receive a large percentage of every tshirt sold. Please message me.

Love <3 <3 <3

would this work be based online? Im from england but would love the opportunity :)
Me too. I'm in the US, but I'd love to be a part of it.
Send me a love note, maybe? It sounds great :)
what's the line? funny? music? art? text?
i would be really interested. email me; [email protected]

i can send you sketches of my previous designs and photographs of what i have made already, i also have a blog.

Hey, Im new to colourlovers but I do actually know of someone who's designs are amazing. He has his own bussisness but Im sure He'd love to help, he's just that awesome. You can find in on twitter, His twitter account name is @Lof_Tee. I promise you wont regret looking him up, he has mad skill in this kind of work.
This dude is good! Damn!
You checked out @Lof_tee aka my friend Adam :) ?
Dear Tony
I'm a Brazilian painter and would like very much to work with you.
I could send you some examples of my digital works if you so wish.
I got some stuff ...:) lol
I would love to try something out...but im new to this whole thing, any advice there?
Please contact me - I have plenty of Tshirt designs - sexy and witty.
Nice Tees.
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