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What's Your Standard Look?

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Monochromatic Man
It's probably a bit ironic that I mostly where blacks, grays and whites... Although with a mostly grayscale outfit wearing any other color really makes it pop... and that's fun.

Do you have a standard or general hue style?
Soft girly pinks with some creme colors some days, and light coco browns mixed with poppy rave like colors on others. I like to mix it up. C:
lol.. Im a natural color wearer.
Lots of denim, browns and shades of ..
winter style is kind of cowgirl-ish, denim, browns, cream
summer style is beachy, ie Roxy dresses, or frayed ol' demin shorts with browns or creme tops...
Bikini collection has the most color combinations, from my fleuro orange/pink with white number, brown and blue simple set, blue, melon and white hibiscus ensemble, and plain navy w. red swim one piece, and some...

lol, Im caught between two worlds of western kid turned sea change.
Navy blue is my base color. Right now, I'm wearing a navy turtleneck with blue jeans. I wear a lot of green, blue and purple in various shades.
My winter colors are mainly neutrals: browns and grays. When I wear a brighter color accent, it's usually a grayed or darker version of a color -- e.g., burgandy instead of red.

With my coloring, my summer colors are pastels. But if my hair would turn completely gray (it's gray only in streaks now), I might be able to wear brighter colors.

I love StormGirl's bikini colors. I can't wear bikinis. Sigh.
For me its black, grey, or off white/yellowish jeans. Light colored tee's with just one color. And dark sweater's with the occasional blue thrown in the mix. And dark plaid button ups. I often find crazy bright pieces that I like and I wear occasionally but color is best in small doses on me. :)
I wear black. Almost all black, all the time. Sometimes I throw in a bold colour, but the majority of my wardrobe is black, new black, or charcoal grey. Though I do wear jeans, but never light ones, they are always darker indigos or medium to dark denim.

Mostly, I only put colour in my hair which is also black but right now has highlights of purple and turquoise on it's tips. In February it was big dark red and bright red streaks. Who knows what April will bring ;)
Greens of most kinds but particularly lime or orange is good too. Most likely paired with jeans or a light color pants and some oh so cute little heels. Being a blond/blued gal it just seems to kinda go with the terrirtory.
Mostly black, sometimes some forest green, sometimes some red. My hair is/should be purple so I wear that whenever I can, too.
Purple, greens, blues, aquas and pinks (not Barbie pink, though!). But mostly purple - don't feel right if I'm not wearing something purple (even if it's just my knickers!) All purple today, save my leggings, bra and pants!
I most always wear natural fabrics near my skin but do like the miracle materials for outerwear.

Kahkis, polo shirt or t-shirt (usually white), cotton sweater, deck shoes, etc. this time of year. Sometimes, and until it gets hot and humid, I will wear a nice jacket/blazer going out to dinner.

I will soon have cap or hat and sunscreen on if I am out in the sun. I ignored all the warnings when I was younger, thought it was cool to have a deep, dark, tan and am now paying the price with skin cancer battles I happen to be winning so far but at a high price for plastic surgery and so forth. I wish tanning salons peddling "safe radiation" (but with a large hold harmless paragraph in their contracts to cover their arses) would publish a schedule of such surgery charges for customers on the back of their monthly special coupons. Pastey white people scare me but nothing looks worse to me now than a person walking around looking like a rotisserie chicken---and smoking to ensure that crackly leather look later in life..

I like layers of nice solid color sweaters and a simple, warm dark gray or black coat with a long, colorful scarf in winter. Water/snow proof boots of course. I like berets for my head but wearing a butt ugly stocking cap and gloves doesn't bother me at all when it gets sub zero. I figure nobody is going to un-bundle themselves to snap a picture for the fashion police.

There isn't much call to "dress up" anymore but my wardrobe when I have to is deep gray suits, black dress shoes,crisp white shirts, and a nice colorful print tie for color. If going into bastions of extreme conservatism I keep the color of the tie but tone down to a tiny simple pattern repeat.

Did the typical all black look when living in NYC but found it to be as boring as most will my current wardrobe preferences.
For me I wear pretty much every color, but I especially like wearing various shades of purple, blue and green. It depends on my mood for what I wear; if I'm feeling sporty I'm wearing gym shorts or sweats w/ a tee or tank; dressy I wear a mini skirt and tank; comfortable tee and jeans. It really just depends. But I really don't have one style.
Black or tan chinos with a plain but bright-colored t-shirt with a contrasting over shirt. I'll wear any color on top...but the pants, always very plain. I don't wear anything that has logo on it, or a large label for that matter. Very plain black shoes are my preference. I tend to stay away from patterns too, preferring just a bright punch of color on the top.
I ... go for muted colours. PLENTY OF GREYS, navy, white, brown, and a few items with accent colours like purple/yellow/bright blue spag tops or accessories like earrings, rings, necklaces, belts, etc.

I also put colours in my makeup!

It goes well with a lot of things! Nothing saddens me more than fashion items with poor clashing colours.
I like to wear black turned up jeans with either a black or white top. Sometimes I like a bandanna around my neck to add a splash of color. I like to wear dirty white bucks for footwear, but lately i've had a flip flop thing going on.
I tend to wear neon colors and reds against black and gray. Kitschy, exaggerated vintage dresses/tops/bottoms from the 1930's through the 1970's and make-up with brightly-colored eye-shadows, nail polishes, and lip colors. :D Heels and cat's eye liner with everything. Also can't be without my lipstick. I keep a tube of either red, orange, or coral with me at all times.

I also wear a lot of horror-themed clothing and jewelry.
Any color goes mostly for me. Whatever color I am feeling. I tend to stay away from wearing pink, unless it's the right shade. I stick with vintage style. Love to play up my makeup as well. Whatever works.
black / dark grey dress .

without any makeup, or dyes on my hair.
ちょわ もさ wrote:
black / dark grey dress .

without any makeup, or dyes on my hair.

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Thank you so much!! And I fixed the login issue today-it was a stupid settings issue on my part, not a site bug.
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Well, I dropped a note on twitter speaking about the problems, but I think they had already fixed it when I did. So that's good!

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