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Favorite Colors: A Closer Look

Favorite Colors: A Closer Look

It's undesputed -- blue is a favourite colour regardless of gender or age.

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Women Top Favourites:
1. Blue
2. Purple
3. Green

For women, top favourite colours are cool, and preference for the colours green, purple, and orange decrease with age. Other favoured colours are pink, lavender, and turquoise, and it is said that most women prefer cooler colours as favourites overall.

Men Top Favourites:
1. Blue
2. Green
3. Black

For men, top favourite colours are blue, green, and black, being two cool and one neutral. The least top favourites are brown, orange, and purple, and they typically stay away from colours like lavender, pink, and turqoise because they're more feminine. Affinity for orange and green decrease with age, while reluctance with brown and people also decrease with age.

What I'd like to see is what you think, lovers.

What's your favourite colour?

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Warm, Welcoming Brown

Warm, Welcoming Brown

Not exactly a color that comes to mind first when designing a website, but brown has been a pretty popular color lately.

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TutorialBlog, a website that aims to become a resource not only for Photoshop techniques, but for web design as well, and brilliantly shows their stuff in this collection of shots, proven to even the skeptics that brown does very well online.

"Brown can be a warm natural color which lends it’s self well to the web, which is why there are so many sites using it, that makes this compilation one of the easiest so far. Today we bring you the best websites using brown …"

Connotations of brown : Warmth, comfort, steady, conservative, earthy, natural, nature, down-to-earth, wholesomeness, simplicity, friendliness, dependability, health, honesty, old, and aged. - Design Meltdown

For even more brown inspiration check out Design Meltdown's Brown Website Inspiration

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Shifting Gears on Color

Shifting Gears on Color

In world of ads that change colours and shapes as you walk by, it's no surprise that colour changes have started to sneak into the auto-industry. In 2006, a special edition of the Scion xB, for example, was released with a base coating of black paint. Getting a closer look, and when it drives by, a brilliant copper shines back at the eyes.

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Using a type of paint that has been specially designed for Mary Kay cars, the classic trademark pink Cadillac gets a sleek new look with a layer of silver paint on top of that base pink, resulting in a car that almost sells the products inside for the driver.

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Top 10 Car Colors 2006

Top 10 Car Colors 2006

According to DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Survey Results between 2006, the most popular choices have been tallied.

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And these are the facts.

Luxury Cars
1. White/White Pearl - 25%
2. Black - 22%
3. Silver - 16%
4. Grey - 12%
5. Blue - 7%
6. Red - 7%
7. Yellow/Gold - 6%
8. Green - 3%
9. Light Brown - 2%
10. Others - <1%

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Grammy Award Winning Album Colors - 2007

Grammy Award Winning Album Colors - 2007

Each year the GRAMMY Awards highlight the best music of the year. Here are the color palettes to 10 of the more popular award winning albums:

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Album of the Year & Country Album: “Taking the Long Way,” Dixie Chicks.


Album Colors:







Pop Vocal Album: “Continuum,” John Mayer.


Album Colors:







Rap Album: “Release Therapy,” Ludacris.


Album Colors:







Rock Album: “Stadium Arcadium,” Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Album Colors:








R&B Album: “The Breakthrough,” Mary J. Blige.


Album Colors:








Alternative Music Album: “St. Elsewhere,” Gnarls Barkley.


Album Colors:








Electronic/Dance Album: “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” Madonna.


Album Colors:








Contemporary R&B Album: “B’Day,” Beyonce.


Album Colors:








Contemporary Folk/Americana Album: “Modern Times,” Bob Dylan.


Album Colors:







Reggae Album: “Love Is My Religion,” Ziggy Marley.

Album Colors:







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Great White

Great White

Retailers urge us all to put our pastels away, and to push in a fresh, clean spring. That means keeping it light, and it seems like almost every retailer is picking up the whispers of high fashion.

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From Diesel to Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs to The Gap, the white and neutral schemes of winter get their sleeves and pant legs tailored for sunny days of spring break, or at least the memories of having that time. Pushing their line of khakis especially, The Gap steps forward with their Boyfriend Trouser, a loose and relaxed cut pair for ladies. Playing dress-up with Ralph Lauren shows us that white blazers and slacks aren't just for mid-1900s mobsters anymore, while supplying a generous collection of thin pinstripes, playing the favoured field of dominant white.

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