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Colour, Branding and Changing things up

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Does anybody have any ideas about fresh color schemes when it comes to freelance projects?
You are not providing a lot of information. What kind of freelance projects? Type of client? Web design, print, paint, dye, etc.?

You might check out some of the annual color trend directories and conferences those who work with color offer. The paint company ones might be cheaper than those for the pattern repeat, fabric, fashion, etc. industries. In fact, a real---not box store---paint store will probably have some laying around for you to look at.

Look around and be observant too. I find I use my smartphone a lot to capture color around me and then explore scheming them. I like Exotic Colors and Color Grab on my phone. I forget if they were free Android applications or just dirt cheap. I wouldn't trust them for picking ink, screen or paint color but they provide a good starting point.

Once I have color codes, I play a lot with an old software favorite---Color Impact. You can build custom color wheels and explore all kinds of color relationships with it you cannot with any other programs I have found.

The paint company simulators are fun too and are free. You will need a paint code number or name though but with the RGB color code, just go to and it will kick out the four closest paint or ink colors from major brands.

Part of my firm did a lot of color translation so we were not adverse to using tools outside the specific realm we were working in.

Of course, having your pixel grabber on your home machine handy is always a good idea.
To reiterate the previous reply, I'm limited in my recommendations without more specific information regarding the nature of the work. In general, I find combining familiar with more bold or decadent color schemes effective when appropriate. And the less jarring the better.
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