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How do I make the transistion?

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Hi, Looking for some Colourlovers guidance... I'm trying to find colors that complement our current business colors and allow for the transition into our new graph colors. I appreciate any suggestions for colors that tie both palettes together! Thanks!!

Current colors:

New graph colors:
I made a few blends for you - hope they're helpful. :)


Thank you for the suggestion, Katie! Very helpful!
My belief that you shouldn't have more than two to three colours in branding... Not sure if I read that somewhere or not (probably). Our current 'offical' branding has 3 - orange, grey and white, with the orange and grey the predominant 'hero' colours.
I do like katie's dela blend 1 though - nice.
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9 hours ago
Since Aug 2018, I can longer upload or publish templates I create using Seamless Studio. In Seamless Studio, I'll create a template, and click on "Upload to Colourlovers," my browser opens a new tab to CL but it just goes to a blank Seamless Lite page, and I am not logged in on that page. This happens whether I am already signed in to CL or not.

When I used to "Upload to Colourlovers," a CL would open on the browser saying something like "we have your template but you need to sign in." I would sign in, and my template would be ready to publish.
13 hours ago
Blue night
2 days ago
JMG84 wrote:
Not able to post patterns right now either, same message comes up as what that48girl said above, hope this will be fixed very very soon, please could a CL staff member give us a bit of an eta on it (a day, a week, a month, hopefully not that long lol) would be very appreciated ty :)
Hello community! Could you let us know if you're still experiencing the issues with Recaptcha and the patterns? Please write to
It's easier for us to keep track of what needs to be fixed this way. Thanks! :)
3 days ago
eighteyed wrote:
Well, I dropped a note on twitter speaking about the problems, but I think they had already fixed it when I did. So that's good!

Thank you so much!! And I fixed the login issue today-it was a stupid settings issue on my part, not a site bug.
4 days ago
Well, I dropped a note on twitter speaking about the problems, but I think they had already fixed it when I did. So that's good!

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