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IP Rights - CL palette book

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I agree about the handwashing thing. The moment I opened it, I thought "Uh oh! fingerprints!"

The book is heavy and hardcover (reminds me of a college text book). It has a spiral but it's not exposed which is cool. I like that feature.

I'd say the pages are thicker than normal and the colours are pretty vibrant for a colour book. I have other colour theory books and this one is hands down the most "realistic."
I compared my palettes (and some others) in the book to them on the screen and they are fairly accurate, about what I expected. For example, I saw one palette in the book that looked very similar to my 'Curiosity Killed' palette and I thought, WTF?! So I looked it up on here and it was similar but noticeably different on screen.

The palettes are featured in circles with a white page background. I'm sure that affects the look of some of the palettes; especially since a lot of them were created when CL was still in its gray phase.
I don't know. I used to hang out here A LOT under the username Monster!, which I have since forgotten my password/email address too >< BUT, when I signed up again, recently, I was shocked to find that at least 1 of my works was used for the book. It's an HONOR! I started coming here, came back here and I will come back because I love this place; what I can do here, the love I get/feel and the people here make me return... and so truthfully, finding out about the book and being in it was a very nice surprise. I'm glad others enjoy/can enjoy/will enjoy what I made. Yeah, some notification (even if I was dormant) would have been appreciated but I'm not trying to fret. The fact is that the work is credited to the creator and it's nice to feel appreciated. <3
The book isn't just heavy. It's crazyass heavy like your science (phy/chem/bio combined) heavy. I'm not sure I like those circle things for the palettes, since sometimes I can't see the palette properly. but it's my opinion. plus, some palettes are really nice, but some aren't. Too straightforward? :/ oops, but tt's what i think though.
mujuuryoku wrote:
I found lots of palettes that I plan to look up and add to my favorites!

Me too! I had to have my laptop next to me as I went through the book so I could look up the palettes I liked.
It's funny though, the palettes of mine that were chosen for the book I don't really feel are reflective of "me". I would have chosen different ones. Maybe, if there's a sequel, we can suggest our own favorites to be included.
After reading all these comments about this book I know I want it. I'm very new to CL & like it very much. Certainly haven't been on long enough to comment on things yet but I sure do enjoy using CL, learning more everyday & loving it! Especially enjoy finding out a color I've been using is unnamed & I get to name it. Fantastic!
Just got in and getting out. GL 2 allk
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